In this video, Ariane does a 3-minute transformation from a daytime to an evening look, while highlighting several makeup tips for older women.

Ariane and I have created a series of beauty and makeup videos for older women, like myself. Like many older women, we don’t want to look younger. But, we do want to look and feel our best.

You’ll Love these Evening Makeup Tips for Older Women

In this video, Ariane and I discuss the fact that many women over 60 do not have a lot of time for makeup. They may not prioritize makeup because they are working, volunteering, travelling or have grandchildren and family obligations.

In a previous video, Ariane did a fabulous daytime makeover on me in just 5 minutes. In this video, Ariane takes me from that day time look to a more sophisticated evening look. She did this by adding just a little sparkle in 5 easy steps. You will not believe what she is able to achieve in such a short period of time. The evening makeup tips for older women that she gives are easy to follow and almost effortless. I hope you enjoy the video!

Step 1: Bronzer

The first thing Ariane applied was Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Power under my cheekbones. This was to make my cheeks pop and give a more sculpted look. She also put a dab under my chin.  Another product option she mentioned was Ariane Poole Fiji Baked Bronzer.

Step 2: Highlighter

Ariane then placed a little Ariane Poole Illuminator at the top of my cheekbones close to the edge of my eyes, giving a beautiful evening glow. Other products mentioned were Bobbi Brown High Beam and Georgio Armani Fluid Sheer.

Step 3: Eye Liner

Ariane Poole Black/Silver Glitter Pencil was then applied on my upper eyelid. This was such a stunning and simple way to enhance my eyes for the evening. She says that a lot of celebrity clients use this glitter pencil and reassured me that it is definitely the appropriate level of “sparkle” for women over 60.

Step 4: Mascara

One more layer of Ariane Poole Mascara in Black was applied to give my lashes a little more fullness and colour.

Step 5: Lips

Finally, Ariane touched up my lips with a lip gloss and applied a dab of concealer under my eyes.

That was it. In less than 3 minutes, Ariane added a beautiful dimension to my daytime look. The Ariane Poole Black/Silver Glitter Pencil in particular added a real pop to my eyes. I felt comfortable, confident and not overly “made up”. In just 5 steps Ariane was able to give me a naturally beautiful evening look.

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