Over the last few years, chair yoga has become increasingly popular with older adults. Perhaps it’s the fact that seated yoga offers the benefits of gentle yoga with the confidence that comes from having something to hold on to that makes it so appealing.

Or, maybe we just realize that we already spend most of our days sitting and want to have some stretching exercises that we can do from the comfort of our chairs.

Whatever the reasons, it is clear that chair yoga is here to stay!

Over the last year, I’ve been doing chair yoga on a pretty consistent basis and I’ve been super happy with the results. In fact, I would argue that chair yoga was one of the main catalysts for my eventual return to lifting weights, doing cardio and taking group yoga classes.

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Just for fun, you can see me practicing in these pictures. Don’t laugh! I’m still learning.

To keep myself disciplined, I set an alarm to go off every few hours. Instead of doing 60 minutes of yoga all at the same time, I spread my yoga sessions throughout the day. For some reason, this was an easier approach for me to stick with.

As my flexibility improved and my stiffness went away, I started to see a whole world of workout possibilities in front of me. Now, I still do yoga, but, it is only one part of my routine.

Have You Tried Chair Yoga?

Since there are many women in the community who could benefit from chair yoga, I thought that it would be useful to share our experiences here. If you have tried chair yoga – or any other yoga practice, for that matter – I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s share our experiences with seated yoga here so that the other women in our community know what’s involved.

Have you tried chair yoga? Did you see any positive changes in your life – more flexibility, less stress, better sleep or less stiffness? If you didn’t try chair yoga yet, would you like to try it and why? What else do you do to stay healthy? Please join the conversation now.

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