Even if you spent every day of your first 59 years dressing to avoid attention, life after 60 should be your time to shine! In today’s interview, Margaret joins fashion and alternative ageing guru Suzi Grant to share tips on working wow into your wardrobe without wrecking your finances. Accessories are the key to making fashion after 60 whatever you want it to be!

Ms. Cellophane

For many women approaching or in their 60s, the song Mr. Cellophane from the great musical comedy Chicago says it best (with gender reversal, of course!):

“And even without clucking like a hen
Everyone gets noticed, now and then
Unless, of course, that person it should be
Invisible, inconsequential me!”

If you’ve gone through the first six decades of your life dressing like Ms. Cellophane, “… Cause you can look right through me, walk right by me and never know I’m there,” Suzi and Margaret have some good news: Fashion for older women is no longer what it was!

Suzi sums up her pre-60s experience, “First of all, I felt invisible at 50 like lots of us do. In fact I ran away in silence and refused to tell anyone I was 50!”

But she goes on to explain how her take on fashion over 60 changed when she hit the Big Six-Oh.

Fashion After 60 = Invisible No More!

Suzi continues, “I had a huge celebration at 60 and I moved to Brighton… And everyone here is very quirky, aren’t they? And they don’t walk around in a black uniform. And they dye their hair bright red and wear outrageous clothes. And so I started becoming a little bit more experimental. “

Margaret agrees, “… I think being invisible is a big challenge for a lot of women, but it’s more of a feeling rather than a reality anymore and we’re not irrelevant at all… we’re making statements now about what you just said. We’re here to be our creative, beautiful selves.”

Accentuating with Accessories

One of Suzi’s secrets to creating her own beautiful self is to “zoosh up” her look with accessories. Instead of rushing out to purchase a new outfit when she’s in the mood for a change, she elevates an old one with touches of glam. What she’s not spending on clothes she puts toward travel and other adventures!

Suzi and Margaret understand that a woman’s personal fashion over 60 is more than the clothes she wears. It’s her unique flair for putting together a look that only she can pull off. And for the budget-conscious, updating your accessories is a great way to break the mold without breaking the bank.

By mixing and matching your accessories, you can elevate your existing wardrobe with dozens of new looks. Top things off with a flirty headscarf, cloche or beret and a pair of face-flattering, thrift-store sunglasses.

Make a fun, festive fashion-over-60 statement with mismatched socks. Accentuate your figure with a dramatic belt. Highlight your hands and wrists with blingy rings and bracelets for a summertime arm party.

Color Your World

For an extra pop, Suzi suggests finishing an outfit with a touch of clashing color –­­­ pink with red, or green with yellow. Or project easy elegance, as Margaret does, with a simple, multi-colored necklace to coordinate with many different outfits.

Not sure what colors work best for you?

Suzi suggests having your colors “done” with a colors analysis service. By learning whether you’re a spring, summer, autumn or winter type, you can choose accessories to flatter you all year long.

From Trash to Treasure

Just remember, one lady’s trash is another lady’s treasure. Thrift stores, charity, vintage or op shops, flea markets and yard sales are great places to go accessory hunting. In many cases, you’ll also be supporting a good cause.

For a special treat, seek out a local artisan to craft your own piece of statement jewelry. And if you ever hesitate because you think you’re “too old” to be making fashion statements, look to Suzi’s fashion idol Iris Apfel.

No one understands better than 96-year-old Iris that fashion after 60 should be our gateway to self-expression!

Are you treating your years after 60 as your time to shine? Do you love the idea that fashion for older women should be fun? If so, what are your favorite fashion accessories and do how they reflect that? Please share your fashion secrets!

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