When I met with professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, to discuss fall colors for 2015, we both agreed that we love autumn. Even though we both appreciate the warmth of the summer sun, autumn has a special power. As the leaves turn from green to gorgeous orange and brown, we have the opportunity to experiment with new makeup styles.

More than Just the Leaves Change Color in Fall

When it comes to fall fashion, colors get deeper and fabric textures become substantive and interesting. Also, in the warmer months, we do not accessorize or apply makeup as much as we do in fall. In our interview, Ariane and I talk excitedly about new fall fashion colors and a few makeup trends that are emerging to complement them.

Fall Makeup Tips for Older Women

While black and brown are still popular foundational fashion shades, two colors are emerging this year that Ariane says are perfect for older skin tones.

This year, there is a shift to navy and green, both colors that are soft and attractive for women over 60. In fact, green is replacing brown as a base color, which is good news for those of us whose skin tone has changed a bit over the years. With less color pigment in our skin, brown makes us look too “neutral.” Invisibility is definitely not a great look for older women!

How Green is Green this Fall?

This year’s green is not a lime or an emerald green. Instead, it is what Ariane calls “sludgy” green. It looks a bit like olive green. This color, along with deep navy blues offer many opportunities for accessorizing in hot pink, coral, turquoise and red.

As far as makeup goes, these rich navy blues and muted greens are inspiring some wonderful shades and textures. Green is a new neutral color and can be applied beautifully to the eyes. In our latest video, Ariane shows some of her new eye shadow palettes in green and navy. It was wonderful to see such lovely green colors. They were approachable and elegant – not garish and clown-like.

Makeup is Your Most Powerful Accessory – Except for Your Smile!

Makeup can also be an accessory and, this fall, navy and green can contribute to a sophisticated look. These colors offer a great way to embrace autumn fashion trends in a positive way. In our video, Ariane reminds us that we do not have to copy every trend. At the same time, we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and have a little fun.

Also, don’t forget that your smile is your best fashion accessory. Keep your teeth in great shape and don’t be afraid to show them. They will do more good for your look than any clothing item or makeup product.

Choosing the Right Eyeliner Pencil for Your Eyes

In our latest interview, we look at a wide variety of eyeliner pencils in every shade of the blue and green. My hazel eyes absolutely “popped” with the beautiful greens. Ariane reminds us that green and navy are great for just about every skin tone and eye color. Blue-eyed women can shine in navy, but, green is also a completely acceptable option.

Personally, I can’t wait for fall to get started so that I can try some of the techniques and products that Ariane and I discussed. I hope that you enjoy the video. If you have any questions for Ariane or me, please put them in the comments section below.

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Also, don’t forget to visit Ariane’s website to find out more about her products.

What did you think of Ariane’s makeup tips for fall 2015? Do you like navy blue and green? What are your favorite makeup brands? Please join the conversation.

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