Every woman has her own unique style that has gone through phases of evolution ever since she was allowed to choose her own clothes. School girls can get away with everything and wear bright, bold colors. The years of early adulthood are for showing the different sides of our personalities. And as the years go by, our taste becomes more subdued, more refined, and a little less daring.

For mature women like us who are going through unfamiliar changes, style and fashion tend to become a tool to blend in with the crowd. The choices of color are narrowed down to safe neutral colors or serious jewel tones. In today’s video, Margaret has an insightful conversation with author and advocate Susan “Honey” Good about the impact of color on a mature woman’s style.

The Power of Color

In reality, our color choices are limited only by ourselves and what we believe in. The world is made of magnificent and wonderful colors!

More than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese and Egyptians used colors to heal and influence the body. Today, there exists a sufficient number of studies on chromotherapy proving the relationship between the body and colors. If colors create positive space and influence the energy and mood in our homes, we should be able to use the same principle in our own style.

Put Color Back into Your Days

Injecting unexpected pops of color into our wardrobe and everyday style can do wonders for the human spirit. Colors that make you feel happy, calm, or energetic are colors that will boost your confidence. Do not shy away from anything that you might think is too bright, too girly, or too “young” for you.

Experiment with Makeup

Perhaps you have heard that a swipe of bold red on the lips at the start of the day can help you feel in charge. For years, women used pigments on their lips as a statement that they are powerful, unstoppable, and beloved.

With the abundance of different shades and finishes, you can even veer away from scarlet lips and take on corals or roses. A pop of color on the cheeks or on the eyelids will have the same effect! Play around with makeup to keep things fresh.

Work Color into Your Wardrobe

You do not need to overhaul your wardrobe to introduce color into it. A few pieces or accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry can change your usual look. Imagine wearing an all-black ensemble and adding a bright fuchsia bag or sunglasses with a red frame!

It actually isn’t that difficult to find great color pairings. You can always go back to your basic color wheel and check for complementary colors, contrasting colors, and adjacent colors.

Take Inspiration from the World

You can add color to your style by playing with textures, prints, and patterns. You can even take inspiration from nature, architecture, foreign cultures, and history. Florals, brocades, houndstooth patterns, animal prints – the possibilities are endless! A little glimmer and sparkle can also add zest to an outfit.

How do you use your favorite colors in your everyday style? Are there specific colors you wear that have a positive effect on your moods? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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