The Little Black Dress or “LBD” is the staple piece of every woman’s wardrobe. It’s the most versatile item you own, able to be worn to beachside cocktails, barbecue’s, the office… the possibilities are endless!
Whether you’re packing light for a business trip or going on vacation, it’s always good to have more ideas to make your LBD even more adaptable, so you’ll love today’s video with Melanie Payge!

Margaret Manning joins Melanie Payge in Milan to get her expert tips on ways to you can accessorize your Little Black Dress.


Shine With Sensational Shoes

Shoes have a fantastic ability to transform any outfit completely, and this is no different when it comes to fashion after 50! Any black dress can be either red-carpet ready or looking fabulous for lunch with the ladies, depending on your shoes.

Melanie recommends wearing sandals for casual daywear, switching to a plain high heel for a smart-casual look, and jazzing up your LBD with a pair of sparkly heel for evening wear. The best part is all these looks are with the one dress! As Margaret says. “It’s amazing how much a pair of shoes can transform an outfit!”

Fashion Over 50 – Jazz It Up With A Jacket!

Jackets are wonderful wardrobe pieces that are comfortable; yet, can also take any outfit to the next level.

As Melanie demonstrates in today’s Sixty and Me video, you can put on a nice patterned jacket with sandals for a casual daywear outfit, or wear a well-cut black jacket for evening wear. The look can be changed from serious with a plain shoe, to funky with a pair of quirky shoes!

A nicely tailored jacket can be another versatile piece to add to your suitcase when traveling as you only need one or two to go with multiple outfits.

Amaze With Accessories

The best thing about a little black dress is how easy it is to accessorize and look amazing. Often, accessories are what show your personality to the outside world, and change the tone of your look from serious to casual to flirty to chic.

For example, wearing pearls with your LBD will give it a more serious or somber look than a pair of oversized bright earrings. When it comes to accessorizing with fashion after 50, the LBD essentially functions as a blank canvas, and your accessories become the different colors and mediums by which you express who you are!

Do you have a go-to Little Black Dress? What’s your favorite accessory to wear with your LBD? What other wardrobe items do you love pairing with your LBD? Let us know your thoughts!

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