When it comes to fashion for older women, many people don’t seem to realize that a lot of us are still working. We need smart clothes, and we want to look refined, elegant, and ravishing while wearing them.

What’s great about being over 60 is that there’s a little less pressure to stay on top of the trends. By now, many of us have already developed a more distilled taste, which gives us something that most younger people don’t have: a signature look.

If you’re trying to establish a few new business looks, here’s a quick tip: Jackets are your best friend. They are versatile and are great for enhancing your figure. With the help of fashion expert Melanie Payge, we try on 5 standout business looks to give you some ideas.

Add a Little Twist to a Classic Executive Look

If one of your go-to outfits is an understated black top and skirt, you can wear a black-and-white structured jacket to give it just a little bit of flair. Make sure that there are seams in the back waist that can emphasize your figure. Pair your outfit with matching white flats for a comfortable executive look. Add a statement pearl necklace to accessorize.

Wear a Leopard-Print Jacket over Basics

If you’re not comfortable wearing a skirt, you can wear straight-cut linen pants and complete the look with a leopard-print jacket. This pattern goes well with basic colors, plus it looks great with any skin tone.

Exude Corporate Elegance with a White Jacket

Again, wear a jacket over your basic ensembles. Choose one with perfectly structured shoulders because this enhances the waist. For instance, a white jacket with padding and statement design is a standout look.

And if you think that shoulder pads are totally out of fashion, fret not. Subtle shoulder pads give your jacket a more structured look and help in highlighting your figure.

Try Long, Kaftan-Style Outerwear

When you want to update your look with something extra, wear a coat made of light material. This closet staple is easy to style and is the perfect layering during spring when the weather is transitioning. Unstructured coats are meant to fall naturally and elegantly, so there’s no need to cinch it in the middle with a belt.

Choose Jackets and Coats that Enhance Your Figure

Not all jackets and coats are created equal. Melanie shares that jackets that highlight your figure and hide imperfections are the most perfect ones. If you have a fuller figure, a fitted jacket works best for you, but if you have a bigger midriff, a straighter jacket will work best.

Jackets and coats are perfect for styling even the most basic clothing. If you’re most comfortable wearing tops, skirts, and pants in basic colors, you can still stand out by using a statement jacket, blazer, or coat.

What’s your go-to business look? What classic pieces do you wear to stand out? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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