Florence Foster Jenkins was an opera singer and a socialite. Perhaps most surprisingly, for a woman who went on became a famous singer, Florence didn’t have an amazing voice. At least, that’s how her critics used to talk about her.

Despite her lack of natural talent, Florence Foster Jenkins became surprisingly popular and many of her records sold well.

Perhaps, more than anything, Florence was notable for her perseverance. Day after day, year after year, she did what she loved, daring the world to get in her way.

Now, Meryl Streep, one of the most accomplished actresses of all time, is bringing Florence Foster Jenkins’ story to the big screen.

From the trailer, included below, the film seems to be a light-hearted and humorous look at Florence’s life. Personally, I don’t know much about her story, but, I can’t wait to see what Meryl Streep can do in the role.

Here is the trailer for the film, which releases in the U.K. on May 6th, 2016.

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