One of the many myths about older women is that we don’t care about our appearance. Women in the Sixty and Me community, however, are challenging this stereotype.

Most of us say that our desire to be independent and our rejection of anti-aging marketing claims don’t mean that we have abandoned looking our best.

Why is Going Grey Gracefully Such a Hot Topic?

We have written a lot of articles on beauty and fashion and hair. Over the years, no beauty-related question has gathered more interest – or sparked more intense conversations – than going grey. Some women say that they love their grey hair, while others prefer to express their personality through blond, brunette or even pink hair colors.

I suppose there are a few of us that reach our 60th birthday without a single grey hair. For most of us, however, going grey is just a fact of life. The question is whether we want to accept this, or, keep coloring and highlighting to get the look we want.

This is not just a matter of our perceptions of style. There are also practical considerations at play. The average woman our age spends hundreds of dollars a year on hair products. This may be money well spent, but, there is also an opportunity cost. There are so many things that we want to do in this amazing life and only so much money to go around.

What Advice Would a Celebrity Hairdresser Give Us About Going Grey?

For those women in the community who have decided to go grey, making the transition can be a confusing, emotional process. So, to help us better understand the process of going grey, I recently interviewed celebrity stylist, Denise McAdam.

Denise is one of the best known stylists in the UK. She has worked her magic on fashion icons, models, celebrities and even royalty. And, of course, she has seen a lot of grey hair, in all of its stages. She is the perfect person to help us understand how to manage the transition to grey hair. Enjoy the show!

Who is Denise McAdam?

Denise’s credentials are astounding. Having started her hairdressing career when she was in her 20s, she was one of the first celebrity hairdressers. To give you some perspective, her first client was Grace Kelley. She has also worked with Cindy Crawford, Jane Seymour and Joan Collins – just to name a few! Talk about breaking female stereotypes!

What Advice Does Denise Offer on Going Grey?

Denise explained that women have very different experiences when it comes to going grey. For example, women with red hair tend to grey easily. The same goes for Danish or Swedish women with blond hair.

On the other hand, many women have a tough time when it comes to going grey. If this sounds like you, Denise recommends using lowlights, highlights and shading to make your shift to grey hair more attractive.

She also reminds us that having a great haircut is essential to looking amazing, while you are going grey. She suggests going with something structured, like Annie Lennox’s short pixie haircut.

What About Makeup for Grey Hair?

Denise says that women should consider their skin tone and the texture of their hair when deciding how to manage the transition. This is similar to the advice that Ariane Poole gave me during a recent interview. She also confirmed that makeup should be applied differently on women with grey hair.

What Other Grey Hair Products Can Help?

Denise says that there is an amazing product that can help to make your grey hair soft and manageable. She loves the Joico brand, which she says helps to nourish and moisturize grey hair.

One tip that I will be using consistently is to comb through the conditioner at the wet stage. You’ll have to watch the video to see exactly what she means, but, trust me, it’s a life-changing tip!

Finally, Denise says that any woman transitioning to grey hair should invest in a high-quality brush, such as one from Kent “Oh That’s Nice” or the Denman.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being gentle with – and respecting the unique needs of – your beautiful greying hair. I hope that you find my interview with Denise useful. I certainly had a lot of fun filming it! Please doing forget to add your questions for Denise in the comments below. I’d love to have her back on the Sixty and Me Show soon!

Here Are the Grey Hair Products Mentioned During this Interview


Denman Hairbrushes

Kent Hairbrushes

Please also check out this list of the best shampoos for grey hair, recommended by the Sixty and Me community.

Are you going grey? What is the one thing that you find most frustrating about this process? Have you already gone grey? What do you love most about your grey hair? Please join the conversation.

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