There are certain holidays like Valentine’s Day that put the word “love” under a magnifying glass. We use this word to embody so many emotions, ranging from trust and appreciation to passion and desire. The words we use to describe love say a lot about how we view the connections between people.

The poet Elizabeth Browning expressed the enormity of the word when she said “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight.” For me, love is brave and wise, and most importantly, it is an action word. Please watch this short video and join the conversation.

We all want to be loved and appreciated, but, too often, we expect love to be expressed in the form of a physical object or gift. For me, this is missing the point. I rarely say to my sons or friends “I love you” at the end of a phone conversation, because I like to think that I express my love for them through my actions every day.

I recently read an article that revealed some of the definitions of love by little kids. In my opinion, these little people really got to the essence of what love actually is. They described the silent connections and deep emotions that are communicated through the word love. For example, I love what Billy, age 4, said. “When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different – you know your name in safe their mouth.”

In my opinion, grownups over-complicate the word love. We make it conditional and measure it by how many times we hear it or the gifts that come with it.

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What does the word “love” mean to you? Do you think that we confuse the concept of love by trying to put it into words? What do you think of the descriptions of love offered by the little kids in the article that I mentioned?

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