Two personality traits that are commonly (and unfairly) associated with people in their 60s are selfishness and conservatism. It really does feel like the world expects us to live in a shrinking world the second we reach our 60th birthday.

Boomers Are Getting Bolder with Age

Well, this certainly hasn’t been my experience and I would guess that the majority of baby boomers feel the same. According to the Belfast Telegraph, neither does Helen Mirren.

In a recent interview, Mirren said that she has become less selfish with age. But, that doesn’t mean that she has become quieter or less adventurous. Quite the opposite! Mirren said:

I believe that if you want to go make your mark on the world you’ve got to go out and do it. Don’t be shy, be adventurous.

What I love about Helen Mirren is that she isn’t afraid to challenge ageing stereotypes and be herself. From talking openly about sex after 60, to inhaling helium on the Tonight Show, Mirren is a positive reminder that age is just a number. If she can live with such passion and verve at age 69, there is absolutely nothing that younger baby boomers can’t accomplish.

I’d love to get hear your thoughts on this. First, do you feel that you are getting bolder or more timid with age? I’m also curious if you feel that you have become more or less selfish as you have gotten a little older.

Why do you think there is a perception that people become more conservative and selfish as they age? Is this stereotype true or false when you look at your friends? Please join the conversation.

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