I guess we can all blame Santa for some of our holiday food traditions. Carefully placed cookies for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer are part of the holiday experience for most homes with children.

In a way, this simple act represents the magic of the season, highlighting the importance of exchanging gifts and sharing love around the holidays.

There is something quite primitive and fundamental about sitting down and sharing food together. It is all about supporting and nourishing each other in a meaningful and creative way. Food stimulates conversation and creativity. The kitchen is always that place for a glass of Champagne, eggnog or mulled wine that softens the edges and brings families together.

Recipes are often handed down and, for me, the process of sharing is a part of the essence of this time of year. So whether you enjoy sausage rolls, mince pies or Christmas pudding, there is a magic in the traditions and the cultures being shared.

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Does your family enjoy a special holiday food tradition or secret recipe? What is your favourite holiday dish? What other holiday traditions do you enjoy and why?

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