The journey to growing older is littered with stereotypes and assumptions about what a mature woman should (and shouldn’t) actually wear.

Of course, by this point in our lives, we are wise enough to listen to the advice that serves us… and to completely ignore the rest. For example, many of us would agree that a paisley-colored miniskirt might look better on younger legs (then again, maybe not!)

But, at the same time, there are plenty of fashion “rules” that are, at best, naïve and, at worst, harmful to creating a stylish and comfortable life after 50.

Case and point – denim and sweaters, both of which, from time to time are put on “Things Older Women Should Never Wear” lists and spread around the Internet.

Well, sisters, I’m here to tell you that I have your back! You are never too old to wear denim or comfy sweaters. To the contrary, the right items in these categories can make you look and feel like a million dollars!

This is why I am so happy that our friends at Coldwater Creek offered to sponsor this article. After all, they have some of the most comfortable jeans imaginable. And, I’d know… I’ve been a fan for years!

So, in celebration of our right to wear whatever makes us feel great, I wanted to share a few tips for rocking your jeans and sweaters after 50. Along the way, I will also share a few of my favorite items at Coldwater Creek.

I hope you will share where you find comfortable (and stylish!) jeans and sweaters in the comments!

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“One Size Fits All” is *Not* the Mantra for Jeans After 50

We’ve all had our experiments with denim over the years – some successful and others not so much! I remember wearing bell bottoms in the 60s, but, I never really made the leap to the narrow leg versions.

For many decades, it felt like our generation was stuck with limited options for denim jeans… well, no longer! Brands like Coldwater Creek are giving women of all ages more choices than ever!  

Like all classic clothing items, jeans have evolved over the years and Coldwater Creek offers denim jeans in updated colors and styles.

One of my pairs are these Bootcut jeans. Not only do they look amazing, but, they are surprisingly comfortable since they have a little extra stretch. Oh, and did I mention that they are oh… so…. soft!

Prefer a more classic look? Coldwater Creek’s Boyfriend Jeans come in both black and blue for a casual look at that goes great with almost anything! This particular pair, aptly called “Cozy-up Boyfriend Jeans” boasts a fleece lining to keep your warm through the long winter months. Who could ask for more?

Jeans Unplugged – New Styles in All the Colors of the Rainbow

I am a huge fan of color in fashion! And, no, I’m not just talking about navy and black, which seem to be the only colors that the “experts” can agree that older women can wear!

Well, it’s not just accessories and tops that can benefit from a dash of color. Jeans are also becoming increasingly versatile in this department.

For example, I love the colored jeans that Coldwater Creek offers… like these Pull-On Slim Leg Jeans. They come in red, loden green, fawn, beechnut, white, copper and several other gorgeous colors! Coldwater Creek has the unique clothing that fits your life, your style and your silhouette – many available in Misses, Petite, Tall, and Women’s sizes.

Consider Embroidered Jeans for a Feminine, Bohemian Look

If you prefer a more artful style, the Coldwater Creek line of jeans with beautiful embroidery will meet all your expectations. For example, dark roses and metallic black studs shimmer subtly and catch the light on these Nightfall Embroidered Ankle Jeans.

And in case you’re looking for a colorful embroidery with wildflowers, the Creek Wild Romance Embroidered Jeans will definitely do the trick. The vintage-washed technique used on these jeans delivers a gently worn-in look and feel… and a little spandex provides flexibility and comfort. Lovely!

Looking for an amazing deal? Don’t forget that you can save 30% on your entire order between now and November 30th, 2019. Visit Coldwater Creek for additional details.

Use Soft, Comfortable Sweaters to Accent and Enhance Your Denim

Like the women in our community, sweaters come in all shapes and sizes.

Coldwater Creek understands that women of all ages are looking for comfort, but, exactly what “comfort” means, varies from person-to-person. Some like a free-form and relaxed feel. Others want more style and shape. This is true for jeans… and it is definitely true for sweaters.

So, let’s take a look at a few sweaters that can enhance your look (and your comfort!) while you are wearing jeans.

One of my favorites is Coldwater Creek’s Ever-Soft Pullover Sweater. Lovely and lightweight, it’s offered in frosty shades of green, lilac, pink, blue and navy and available in Misses, Petite and Women’s sizes.

The same soft material is also offered in a tunic cut – perfect fit for jeans and leggings! Don’t forget to take advantage of their online limited-time only offer – buy one sweater and a second sweater for half-price! The code you need to add at checkout can be found on the website.

For more options, visit the Coldwater Creek Sweater Shop where you’ll find a cozy collection of delightful sweaters in all textures and sizes.

Chenille is Timeless with its Slinky, Shiny Beauty

If you crave the ultimate in softness, Coldwater Creek’s chenille sweaters are the way to go. Best of all, with chenille, you don’t need to sacrifice color or style for comfort.

This Chenille Tunic, for instance, comes in violet, mauve, blush, coral and mocha and is a perfect match for a pair of slim-leg jeans. It’s a stunning display of plush perfection.

Likewise, the Skyline Chenille Cowlneck, in multi-color blue, provides a streak of individuality to your outfit. Because this pullover sweater is knit from multi-shaded yarns of glistening, silky chenille, no two will be the same. Talk about a unique style!

Cardigans Are Back in Style… and This One is a Classic!

Long cardigans are the perfect complement for your jeans, joggers or leggings. Available in soft grey, this Winter Ombre Sweater Cardigan is Coldwater Creek’s take on cozy winter warmth and versatile, go-anywhere style.

Again, remember that, right now, you can buy one sweater and get another one at 50% off!

You don’t have to give up your sense of individual style just because you reach a certain age. It is absolutely possible to be comfortable AND stylish – as the jeans-and-sweater combinations that I’ve talked about here demonstrate.

The good news is that more companies than ever, including Coldwater Creek, are acknowledging that women come in all shapes and sizes… and that our feelings about fashion and style are as diverse as we are.

As the cold weather approaches, I hope that you will take advantage of this season to express yourself. The world needs your own special brand of awesomeness!

What are your favorite jeans? Have you ever tried Coldwater Creek before? What did you think?

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