Mature women today have a great many questions about how to find the right concealer and how to apply it. They also wonder if they need more than one shade of concealer for different parts of the face.

This interview came about when a woman asked Margaret what shade of concealer she should use under her eyes since she did not have the common blue/grey tone that many women seem to have.

Margaret knew just who to call; professional makeup artist Ariane Poole, who also has her own line of makeup products. Ariane was only too happy to share her advice about concealers and which shade works best for beautiful, mature skin.

Shades of Concealer for Different Purposes

One important point that Ariane mentions right away is that the word “concealer” covers a broad area of makeup, from foundations to pimple coverings.

When using a concealer for under the eyes, Ariane says that you need a very lightweight product and, luckily, most concealers sold today are very different from the ones we used to purchase 40 years ago. Nearly all concealers today are rich, yet sheer.

For those with the common blue/grey undertones that give the impression of bags under the eyes, a peach colored concealer will work wonders. It might look strange when you first put it on, Ariane says, but you will be amazed at well it covers the area.

When it comes to other areas, such as hiding red cheeks, the concealer should match your skin tone as much as possible. In the past, experts suggested using concealers that were one or two shades lighter, but that was when most women applied concealer under their foundation. Today’s improved products mean that the concealer should go on top of your foundation.

The only exception to the above rule is for those who have a very white tone around and underneath the eyes. This is common among women who have worn glasses most of their lives. Going one shade darker is Ariane’s suggestion. While this sounds counter-intuitive, she insists that you will love the way it works!

Which Concealer to Use for Hiding Puffy Eyes

Ariane says that you need to remember to apply your foundation before you add the concealer, so you don’t end up removing most of the concealer. For hiding puffy eyes, she says you can use a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Again, this sounds a bit wild, but it actually works.

Concealers generally come in a liquid form or very soft, creamy sticks. Both work fine, and regardless of which product form you choose, it needs to be very light, velvety, and easy to apply.

Brands and More

Ariane offers great suggestions for products that work well for women of color, since not everyone has pale skin. She talks about some of the terrific names in concealers that she recommends and even shows off some of the color samples using the back of her hand and on her own face. Of course, you will want to watch the video to see this demonstration.

Margaret brings out one of Ariane’s products that she couldn’t stop raving about, even though it is used for foundation and not for concealers, but she obviously loves this product so much, you should hear what she has to say about it!

What are your favorite brands when it comes to concealers? Have you tried other techniques in addition to or besides the one Ariane suggested? What is your best concealer makeup trick? Let’s talk about using makeup to our advantage and join the conversation!

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