Retirement means more time at hand; time you can dedicate to the things you truly love. Some people decide to take highways and byways of the world upon retirement. Others invest in their long-loved hobbies, and then there are those with deeper pockets who crave finding their own luxurious hideaway.

The good news is that nowadays, there is a wave of luxury retirement homes that do not fit the typical picture. They resemble 5-star resorts in hot tourist destinations, but without all the fuss and rowdy crowds. People who have had long careers deserve to find a perfect spot under the eternal blue sky to enjoy their retirement days.

For those of us on a more limited budget, we can always dream and enjoy the fantasy of living in a luxury resort in retirement!

Counting All the Possibilities

Once you reach retirement, the spectrum of choices stretches as far as a horizon. Why stay in the same town when the whole wide world awaits you? It is never too late to move to a new dream location and enjoy jaunty living at its best.

Do not hesitate to wander overseas and explore distant horizons. The global property market may have been through some tough times, but it certainly has no shortage of luxury real estate for sale. Note that you can also choose to rent your refuge.

In Australia, for instance, there are many luxury retirement homes available. Houses and condos are not the only options, though. In fact, there is another way. You can turn over a new leaf and live in an active adult community – one that is managed, pre-planned and well-organized.

Namely, retirement homes and communities allow you to get the best of both worlds: To keep up the standard of living and live in a relaxing environment while at the same time avoiding all the chores and maintenance tasks that come with the privilege.

Choose Your Lifestyle

Retirement villages are specially designed, age-exclusive communities that provide an opportunity to be immersed in a unique ambiance tailored to your passions. Think of such communities as a luxury hotel and a country club merged into one.

They offer quality, secure and resort-like homes for those over a certain age. A variety of independent lifestyles are supported and there is a range of care services. Here, one can also find various sporting and social facilities like pools and spas, and nature is basically on your doorstep.

The Retirement Villages has 14 locations across the UK and they range from secluded bungalows to lavish riverside apartments. Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, is an enthralling landscape of market gardens, orchard hills and pristine beachfronts. The place is a true heaven on earth, and it has some of the best retirement villages in Australia.

Home, New Home in a Luxury Resort

Furthermore, the Turner Hill village in Ipswich, Massachusetts, stands out from the rest in the US. The features such as Elizabethan mansions strike awe, and the price of homes that stretch across 300 acres starts at $1,020,000.

Members are able to wine and dine, swim, do Pilates, perform yoga and engage in numerous other activities. The proximity of world-class medical care in Boston certainly is another great incentive to come here. In the U.S., there are many other locations that deserve attention.

Take the example of the Preserve in Tucson, which includes homes that range from 2,517 to 3,485 square feet. They feature state-of-the-art interior design, large master suites, expanded outdoor living spaces and three-car garages.

On the other hand, Vi at Silverstone is an immense, master-planned community with stunning amenities like outdoor salt water pools. On top of that, the resort provides fitness activities, cultural events, artistic performances, etc. There, you can own a brand new, custom-built home and achieve a carefree, active lifestyle.

Dreams are Evergreen

Being gray has its amazing advantages. It is a good time to secure a good deal on a property or rent a place that meets your personal needs. A regular house in an urban or rural environment is just fine, but well-run luxury communities are something truly special. With the right combination of price, location and amenities, your life will completely transform. So, if you have the money, go ahead, retire in style.

These luxury retirement resorts are just a dream for many of us. However, if money were not an option, what kind of luxury retirement property would you want to live in? What amenities most appeal to you? Please share in the comment section.

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