I remember the time that I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai on a business trip. The room must have cost as much as I now pay per month in rent. Of course, taking a bath in rose petals is amazing (when someone else is paying), but, for personal travel I prefer simplicity and value for money.

Over time, I became bolder and wanted to travel more spontaneously. My inner bohemian has emerged and my travel tastes have become more eclectic. That’s why I am so happy to have discovered Airbnb.com, a site that matches travelers looking for a place to stay with property owners who have an extra room to rent.

When I travel to Edinburgh to visit my son and his daughter, I use airbnb to find a small room in a nice location. I never pay over £40 ($60) a night. In addition to the practical benefits of using a system like airbnb (security, easy search, etc) I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people.

I remember the young student who rented me a room filled with blue and green flowers. I remember the wild and wonderful Greek professor who taught me how to cook in her magnificent kitchen. And, most recently, I remember the kind man who rented me a cottage in his stunning Scottish garden. His taste in classical music went perfectly with the homemade scones that he served for breakfast.

Airbnb.com isn’t for everyone or every situation. But, if you are the adventurous sort and you don’t mind staying with new people, the service offers clean, affordable places to stay at a great price. So, when you’re ready, give them a try.

Make sure you use their tools to choose a host with a good reputation and then get out there any make some amazing memories. Or, if you have a spare room, you can always make a little money by renting it out.

Have you used airbnb before? What other senior travel tips would you offer to the women in our community? Please join the conversation now.


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