Why did I develop a free mini-course on successfully using social media? It’s actually pretty simple. I realized there was a need for a quick and basic “get up and running” type of course.

Over the past year, I’ve written several articles on using social media. My target audience has been people over 60 as well as those who haven’t yet started reaping the tremendous benefits of being connected online.

Several of my articles have been published here on Sixty and Me. One article was on the benefits of using social media, and the other provided tips on how to use it successfully. I received great feedback from the Sixty and Me community. Women told me that my articles were excellent, full of valuable points and great tips.

Many told me that they’d shared the articles with friends and family who they were trying to get started online. I realized that while I had praised and supported using social media in my articles, I’d left something out. I needed to create a practical “how to” guide.

How to Get Started with Social Media

Many people didn’t know how to get started. A lot of people saw social media as a big black hole. It was very scary for some and impossible to understand for others. People asked me what they could do to get their grand-mom started, or to convince their mother to go online.

Others wanted to help a neighbor feel connected. Many wanted to start using social media so they wouldn’t feel so lonely. They all wanted a quick and easy guide, without too much information.

People told me that they had tried social media but had quickly gotten confused with all the information and instructions and decided that it wasn’t for them. But now my article had re-sparked their interest and they wanted some help.

Why Not Write a Guide on How to Use Social Media?

After spending most of my career on the development side of technology, I’d built more courses, user guides and “quick and dirty tips” than I can count. Developing a course is easy for me, so I got right to it. I used PowerPoint because it produces great slide shows that people can work through at their own pace. I kept the course simple, short and focused on what people really needed.

I threw out the nice-to-know and all the fluff. I demonstrated in a very practical way what to do, how to do it and what things should look like. The course is written for social media novices. It is for those who are up and running but not yet comfortable with social media.

I’m offering this course free of charge because I feel that being connected is so vital and important for improving our lives. I want to help anyone I can to get up and running.

A Free Social Media Mini Course

So as a gift to my Sixty and Me sisters, please take a look at my mini-course on using social media. Experienced people can quickly click through the course, maybe picking up a good tip or two along the way. New or hesitant users are invited to read my free mini-course.

Are you a novice with social media, or do you feel that you have got it completely under control? What is your favorite social media site? Do you feel comfortable using Facebook and other sites? Please join the conversation.

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