John Mahoney, who played Martin Crane on the iconic 1990s NBC hit TV show, Frasier, died on Sunday.

On the show, Mahoney played the often grumpy, yet always entertaining, father of Frasier. Off the screen, he was a kind man who was an inspiration to other actors the world over.

Let’s take a few moments to remember John Mahoney’s life. Then, let’s wish his friends and family all the best as they deal with their tragic loss.

Mahoney’s Early Life

John Mahoney was born into a large English family on June 20th, 1940. The seventh of eight children, John’s early years were difficult, as his family, like so many others, dealt with the realities of World War II.

After returning to Manchester at the end of the war, Mahoney discovered the Stretford Children’s Theatre. It was there that his spark for acting was lit. Eventually, wanting more, he moved to the United States to pursue his acting career.

An Amazing Career, On and Off the Set of Frasier

Of course, most people remember Mahoney for his time on Frasier, where he played Frasier’s father, Martin Crane for 11 seasons.

Not only was he beloved by fans of the show, but, critics appreciated his performances too and he was nominated for two Emmys and two Golden Globes.

That said, John’s career, both before and after Frasier, was diverse. He had roles in over 30 films and 30 TV shows, sometimes in person and sometimes as a voice actor.

Tributes to John Mahoney Show the Difference He Made

Fans and other actors responded to the shocking news of John Mahoney’s passing with kind words and fond memories.

On Twitter, Ben Stiller said, “John Mahoney has moved on. A Great actor. Incredible wicked sense of humor. And someone who made a huge difference in my life and many others.”

Joe Keenan, who was one of the scriptwriters for the TV show Frasier, added, “John Mahoney was a lovely man. His Martin Crane was FRASIER’s moral center; his cranky decency and bewildered love for his two improbable sons was hilarious one minute, heartbreaking the next and you never caught him acting. It was a privilege and a joy to write for him.”

NBC, the channel that ran Frasier for all those years, joined John’s fans and colleagues in sharing their warm regards for the actor. They said, “RIP, John Mahoney. Thank you for many years of laughter. We’ll miss you Marty Crane.”

We’ll miss you too, Marty Crane!

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