As we have discussed before, one of the best ways for women over 60 to reduce their risk of dementia and keep their minds sharp is by playing cognitively challenging “brain games.” Even if you are not at high risk for dementia, perhaps you would like to feel more mentally sharp and energized, with faster memory and better attention to detail?

In addition to the traditional crossword puzzles and Sudoku games, there are many online brain games that make it easier to keep training your brain for better mental ability.

Here are a few of the best websites for online brain games:

Lumosity is dedicated to not merely playing “games,” but to improving your brain performance, enhancing memory and attention, and living a better life. Lumosity lets you build a personalized brain training program based on which mental skills you want to get better at, whether it’s remembering names after the first introduction, learning new subjects quickly, or solving problems.

Whatever your goals, Lumosity exercises are engineered based on neuroscience research to train a variety of core cognitive functions.

HAPPYneuron is another brain game site that offers a variety of brain training exercises focused on a range of cognitive skills, including memory, attention, language, reasoning, and visual-spatial skills. HAPPYneuron games include “Around the World in 80 Trips,” a guided itinerary of travel through Paris and other great cities, and “Restaurant,” where you can see if your memory is as good as a busy restaurant waiter.

HAPPYneuron also offers the Kun’Cha app for the iPhone and iPad. In this game, Kun’Cha the Panda has to reconstitute words that have been split into fragments. Make the right word combinations, and Kun’Cha is happy. If you fail, Kun’Cha is sad! These games are a great example of how to use mobile devices to “procrastinate productively” – instead of playing mindless games or scrolling through your friends’ Facebook updates, you can build a better brain, one game at a time.

Fit Brains is another personalized brain training website with a variety of games to improve your cognitive function. Fit Brains offers a free Fit Brains Trainer app for the iPhone and iPad, and the Fit Brains brain games are designed by neuroscientists to help improve your concentration and cognitive processing speed.

Check out these brain game websites and see which program is the best fit for you. Hopefully more women over 60 will start using online brain games to stay mentally sharp and reach their full potential. Training our brains can help us think faster, concentrate better, and do more with our minds and with our lives.

Do you play Sudoku, do crossword puzzles, or participate in other mentally stimulating activities in order to stay sharp? What are your favorite online brain games?  

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