Every time I visit my granddaughter, it never ceases to amaze me how much technology is integrated into her little life. She probably has no idea that the mobile phone that she carries around has more processing power than the computer on the Apollo 11 – actually it has WAY more processing power!

Of course, over the course of our lives, we have seen plenty of technologies come and go. We were among the first to see televisions become ubiquitous. We embraced cell phones, back when they were the size of small bricks (at times, they felt more like small cars.)

I just came across this cute video that I wanted to share with you. In it, Ellen shows two adorable kids some of the technologies from our not so distant past. Take a quick look and join the conversation at the end of the article.

What technology or gadget most changed your life? Do you think that kids today rely too much on technology? Why or why not? Please share this article and join the conversation.

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