When most people think about fashion for older women, they don’t consider the fact that many of us are still working. In this video, international fashion consultant Melanie Payge dresses Margaret Manning’s pear shape figure in five executive looks that are sure to turn heads. Enjoy the show!


Styling a Pear Shaped Figure

Our bodies come in many shapes and each shape comes with its own list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking the right outfits. Women with pear shape bodies are typically smaller on top than they are on bottom, often making it more challenging to find dresses that fit both halves properly.

Finding a good seamstress to make alterations can make life much simpler for pear shape women. Dresses can either be let out at the seams around the hips or taken in across the top to provide a perfect fit.

Choosing pieces that are the right shape is also important. In this video, Melanie gives us many tips for finding the right cut to accentuate the positive and draw attention away from any areas we’d like to minimalize.

Achieving these 5 Executive Looks

Margaret started this video is a fitted, deep eggplant colored dress. The dress alone was stylish and sophisticated but Melanie took her look a step further.

Margaret’s second look was both business-like and fun as she paired a long hounds tooth print jacket with her eggplant dress. The jacket and dress were a perfect pairing as the jacket was darted in the back, accentuating her small waistline. A pair of white flats added a touch of summer sweetness to the ensemble making it both comfortable and practical for a long day at the office.

The third look Margaret tried was a bold leopard print jacket over a solid black shirt and pants outfit. While Margaret was unsure about such a daring animal print, Melanie assures us that leopard print is actually the most versatile print for all skin tones as it contains various shades of browns and beiges.

More fitting to Margaret’s comfort zone, her fourth look was comprised of a smart white and black fitted jacket worn over the same black shirt and pants. This look boasts sophistication and class and the modern ornamental print adds a sense of fun and freshness to this otherwise very classic look. The slightly padded shoulder helps create balance between her upper and lower halves, as well.

Last but not least, Margaret’s fifth look was true to her self-described “cultured and Bohemian” personal style. The same black shirt and pants were dressed up this time with a long, silky, gray kaftan-style piece that flowed elegantly over her ensemble. The look was both comfortable and fashionable for the office or a business meeting.

How would you describe your personal style in two words? What are your favorite places to shop? Do you think that there are any guidelines that older women should follow when it comes to fashion after 60? Or, should we throw away the “rules” and wear whatever we want? Please join the conversation!

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