Makeup for older women is a hot topic for our community. Unlike previous generations of women, who were expected to dress a certain way and “age gracefully,” women our age are expressing themselves through stylish clothing and dazzling makeup.

Today, I had the opportunity to interview Ariane Poole about contouring. If you haven’t mastered this skill, you are in for a real treat! Join Ariane and me as we explore the power of contouring!

Are You Confused About Contouring?

When I asked the women in our community to tell me what questions they had related to makeup for older women, I got hundreds of responses. One of the most common was how to use contouring.

During our interview, Ariane starts by explaining that contouring is not the same for every face. That said, regardless of how you apply it to your face, it should be subtle!

Ariane starts her demonstration by putting a little foundation on in order to produce an even surface. Then, she starts contouring.

She used her own Afternoon Delight product. It comes with two colors – light and dark – with no reddish or bronze color tint.

Next, she swirled the colors together and applied them with a small blusher brush. She did this in a straight line at an angle. It’s difficult to describe here in words, so, I definitely encourage you to watch the video for a full demonstration.

With this done, she applied a highlighter on the top.

Finally, she added a soft color blush on the apple of the cheeks.

If you are going for an evening look, Ariane says that you can afford to be a bit more dramatic with your look. So, go ahead, watch the demonstration and have some fun with contouring! I know I will!

By the way, Ariane and I have also recorded a makeup video series designed just for older women. Sixty and Me women have been enjoying them to learn how makeup can help to accent their aging faces. There are also a number of free videos as well.

Do you still enjoy putting on makeup and experimenting with fashion? Do you have any other questions for Ariane about makeup for older women? Please join the conversation!

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