Are makeup palettes underrated? Stay tuned to find out about Margaret’s experience with one such product that saved her in an uncomfortable situation. Enjoy the show! 

Margaret Manning:

Hi, everyone. I’m Margaret Manning, your host at Sixty and Me. We are a community of women over 60 who use makeup to bring up the best in us, to look on the outside as great as we feel on the inside.

I do regular short makeup sessions showing my experience with makeup and sharing new products that I discover when I go to new places.

I’m going to start by sharing a fun story involving makeup palettes – which is today’s topic. It happened in Scotland where I was over the holidays. When I got to the train station in Edinburgh, I decided to leave my big bag in the train station and only take my small bag to the hotel where I was staying for the night.

I got halfway down the street when I remembered that I’d left my makeup in the big bag. Of course, I was worried about getting up the next morning and having no makeup on. So, I dashed into Boots, which is a big drugstore chain in the UK.

Naturally, the makeup aisle offered hundreds of options, but I didn’t want to spend more than 15 pounds total. I was just about to buy a bit of this and that, when I thought of palettes. I’m not a big palette person, but there was one palette ‘staring at me’ from the shelf.

It looked a bit battered, and I thought it was a tester, but it wasn’t. It’s by Gigi Hadid, a young woman who’s very popular right now. Maybelline seems to have connected with her and together they came up with this palette.

The funny story is, of course, the palette was the last one on the shelf. The woman at the counter, who was just about to close, decided she would help me and ran to the back of the store to find another one.

She couldn’t, but finally, after about ten minutes of giggling at how silly this all was, she said, “It’s the last one. You can have it for 10 pounds.” That’s about $13, so I was happy with the purchase. I actually used it when I went to the hotel, and I really loved it.

It’s called the Jetsetter Palette, and I’ve now used it a few times. It’s got two concealers which can double as foundation, two lip glosses, two little brushes, one for the blush and highlighter, and a smaller one for eyes and brows.

It’s also got a beautiful blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter. There’s a mascara as well, so you see why I thought this was a pretty good collection. I’m going to play with it today and see what happens.

If you’ve got any palettes that you really love, share them in the comment section below. We really appreciate it, especially as a palette is a holistic product that has a little bit of everything in it.

As usual, the first thing I’m going to apply is foundation, but I’m not going to use the concealer on this palette. Even though it’s really cool, and you’ve got two different shades you can mix together, I’ve just discovered a new foundation by L’Oréal that I wanted to share.

I normally use L’Oréal’s Infallible 24-hour Matte, and really like it. It’s great and it’s got good coverage for me. But I discovered a new one on the shelf this week which is a Total Cover.

Now I’m sure that if you buy this and try it, you’re going to say, “Oh my gosh, Margaret! What have you recommended to me?” And that’s because it is so thick. In fact, when you put it on your finger, it won’t fall off.

So yes, it’s thick, but I love it. It’s great when I’m in front of the camera or I’m trying to get an all-day coverage that stays on.

I apply the foundation with my fingers and try to blend it really well in my skin so it doesn’t look too light on me. You could also use a brush to blend it, and I know it works really well with an Artis brush. Something else I really like about this foundation is that you really don’t feel the texture. It’s thick, but it isn’t heavy.

So, this is my L’Oreal total coverage foundation. It comes in several different tones. I’m a big fan of this product, and it really stays on all day. It’s just wonderful.

Now that my foundation is all done, I’m going to take the Gigi Hadid palette and do my best to create a good look. From my experience with palettes, I know that the brushes are not that great. But the ones here are actually quite good. And of course, you could take an extra pack of brushes when you travel.

So, I take the brush and dab the blush lightly, because blushes tend to be a little too soft in palettes, and I don’t want to take too much. Then I put it on my cheeks and blend it in with my fingers.

From the minute I tried it on back in Edinburg, I really liked it. I thought it was a sparkly, bright color, and it’s not pink. It’s a peach color, and I think it’s got a glow to it.

This palette also includes a bronzer, which I don’t normally use. But this time, just for the fun of it, I’m going to try it. So, I take a tiny dab on the side of the brush, and do a light contour on my cheeks, bringing it straight out to the side to give me a bit of definition.

What I love about this palette, though, is the highlighter. It looks quite peachy, but in reality, it’s almost translucent. So, I take a little bit of the highlighter with the tips of the brush and apply it on top of the blush, giving it a really nice glow.

Now that I’m done with my cheeks, let’s move to the eyes. The brush they provide for the eyes is two-sided. There’s a very small brush on one side and a fluffier one on the other. The box says the small brush is great to use for eyebrows.

Since my brows are very thin, I’m going to try it by dabbing in the brown color, and then I’ll apply it on my eyebrows. That morning in Edinburg, I didn’t have any makeup with me, so this palette came as a lifesaver, especially because my eyebrows are super thin. The color seems a little dark, but I really like it.

Naturally, I have a bunch of eye shadows that I love, and I take them with me when I travel. But, as I explained, I left all my makeup in my big bag by accident. This palette provides several colors to choose from, all with good pigmentation and quality.

I’m going to use the very light one for the base, applying it gently to both eyes. It does look a bit too light, but I think it goes on really nicely. It’s a good thing that this palette is available to purchase on Amazon. I really recommend it because it last long and stays pretty the whole time.

So, my base is very simple. The next color I’m going to use is like a mauve, lilac color. I don’t think it’s dark enough for me though, so I might mix it a little with the brown. I take some with the brush, and again, it’s a very cool, user-friendly brush.

I don’t find the color too bright, so I’m going to use some of the brown to define my eye crease and the edge of my eye, then blend that in a little.

So, you see, this palette has got a lot of options, and you can make your makeup as dramatic as you want. Given the fact that I didn’t have a lot of fancy colors to work with, I think that turned out pretty well.

Now I’m going to use a bit of the concealer, and this palette provides two colors to choose from. Mixing the them together with my finger, I then tap under my eye. Again, the quality of the concealer is really good. It’s smooth and goes really nicely. I’ll cover my age spots as well.

Mascara comes next. The one that’s provided in the palette is small, but it’s got a nice brush – one of the nicest I’ve used. I’m going to pop it on using my 20-stroke technique. Remember to be gentle with your lashes and not hurry through it.

All in all, this palette really offers some good quality products for a nice finished look, and I think my eyes came out really well with my Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette.

Finally, I’m going to do my lips, and since I don’t have a lip liner with me today – as I didn’t back in Edinburg – I’m just going to use the glosses in the palette. I just take pop of gloss with my finger and put it on. I chose the one on the bottom because the color is really pretty and works just fine by itself.

I think it may be a bit lighter than I would normally use, but it is beautiful, and it feels good on my lips. It stays on, and the pigment is strong enough.

So, that’s my look, and I really like it. For a palette, this product works so well. The concealer was an added bonus and so was the mascara. Having good quality product was fantastic in a time of crisis, and the price was really good too. Of course, you won’t buy it for 10 pounds now, but it costs about $25 online.

Makeup for Older Women: My $15 Palette Makeover

It’s really great for travel, and I’m going to take it with me when I leave home in the future. I might pop a couple of extra brushes in as well, so that I’m covered, and I would probably add a different lip color because this one is a little bit light for me.

I really recommend the Gigi Hadid Palette. If you have a palette that you love, and you’d like to share it with us, please do so in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed this makeup experiment. Thanks, everybody. Take good care. Bye, bye for now.

What do you think about makeup palettes? Which one is your favorite? Do you think they’re handy for travel? Please share your thoughts with us below!

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