Baby boomers have always challenged the status quo. It’s not that we are subversive by nature. Instead, we seem to have an allergy to people telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. In the past, we have challenged injustices and fought for what we believe in. Now, as we reach retirement, we are helping to redefine “acceptable behavior” for older adults.

Let’s take one tangible example – tattoos. There was a time when getting a tattoo was restricted to teenagers on holiday, sailors on shore leave and bikers on the road. No more. As I talk to the men and women in our community, I have noticed that a surprising number of them are deciding to get a tattoo.

Their reasons are varied. Some boomers want to remember someone that they lost. Others want to make a statement and fight back against aging stereotypes. Still others have always wanted a tattoo but didn’t feel like they could get one while their kids were in the house.

Whatever the reasons, it is clear that more people over 60 are embracing tattoos as a form of personal expression.

On the other hand, there are baby boomers who believe that tattoos simply don’t look good on older skin. While these folks have no problem with others expressing themselves, they say that they would prefer to leave their own bodies just the way they are.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about this.

Were you surprised by the number of people who are open to getting a tattoo after 60? Have you recently gotten a tattoo? Why did you choose the design that you did? Please join the conversation.


Here is a short video that I recorded on the phenomenon of older adults getting tattoos. I hope you enjoy it.

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