One of my biggest frustrations with managing a community of over 500,000 boomer women is having to listen to all of the aging myths and stereotypes out there.

Every time I research a new article, I am bombarded with subtle (and not to subtle) negative messages about older people. Apparently, we’re “grumpy,” “entitled,” “forgetful,” and “mean.” Well, that’s certainly not my experience in talking with you!

In fact, I am constantly surprised by the amazing ways that all of the women in our community are breaking aging stereotypes and living life in their own way. For example, who would have thought that more than 15% of baby boomers have tattoos? Among our community, the percentage is actually much higher.

What Does Your Tattoo Mean to You?

Now, I’m certainly not saying that you need to have a tattoo to be “cool” after 60. We left those kinds of comparisons behind decades ago. I’m simply saying that the stereotypes that people aim our way bear little resemblance to the reality.

The last time I asked the women in our community why they decided to get a tattoo, they gave me many reasons. Some simply wanted to make a statement about their lifestyle or passions. Others wanted to remember someone that they lost. Still others described their tattoo as a form of celebration – something that they could do now that they never could have done in the past.

Personally, I haven’t taken the plunge and gotten a tattoo yet, but, I am really tempted. As a single woman, I have no-one to please but myself. Maybe this year will be the year!

I’d love to get your thoughts on this. Please share your own tattoo story in the comments below.

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