Being over 60 means you’ve tried lots of different makeup products. Tune in for Margaret’s top five foundations picks. Enjoy the show!

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I really love sharing with our community my own experimentation with new makeup products. Naturally, this also comes with sharing some of the wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the 65 plus years of my life.

In my life, I must have bought maybe 30 or 40 different foundations, and today I want to share with you my five top picks. I must admit, I’ve tried some very expensive products. I’ve also had makeovers done in shops using the products I’ve heard recommended by great makeup artists.

Honestly though, I don’t want to spend $50 or $60 on any kind of makeup product. I’ve tried foundation by La Mer, Dior, Chanel and other big brands, and I liked them. But I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with under $20 for a foundation.

I sometimes think even that’s a lot because I feel all makeup should be fun and not something that you have to break the bank to purchase. I don’t know the exact prices for the products I’m going to show you, but they all fall within the $20 range, and I like them for different reasons.

I’ll start my list with the foundation that I’m wearing right now because I really do love it. It’s by Max Factor, and it’s called Ageless Elixir, 2-in-1 Foundation and Serum. It goes on very smoothly for me, and it’s a good match for my skin for most of the year.

It’s got a great consistency and an SPF of 15. I know that’s not super high, but it’s good enough for me. The color I use is natural 50, though I sometimes use natural 60 in the heat of summer when I’ve got a bit of a tan. This is one of my favorite foundations for sure.

The next one is a product I just discovered. It’s by a brand called Catrice, which is very low-end. None of their products actually go over $5, though this foundation was $8.95. It’s called the Catrice All Matt Plus, 18-Hour Shine Control Foundation Makeup.

It’s a mattifying product, but I don’t find it drying at all. I’m using the natural beige, though you should be aware it only comes in four or five tones. It’s a really nice, low-price product.

The next product on the list is by IT Cosmetics, which was recommended to me by many women in our community. It didn’t cost more than $20, and I find it interesting because it says, “Your skin but better.” It’s an SPF 50, so this is a high SPF foundation, and it really goes on smoothly.

Its full name is It CC+ Cream and Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum with SPF 50, so it’s similar to the Max Factor foundation. This is a full coverage product, and I would wear it when I have to look very professional. The color that I’m using is light, and I’m guessing they don’t have a very wide range either.

L’Oréal is next, and I really love their variety of foundation colors. The product that I use is called Infallible, 24-hour L’Oreal foundation, and it’s a medium-to-full coverage. It’s got a very nice matte tone, and it goes a little deeper, but it’s super easy to apply.

It lasts forever, and I think it’s great for photo and camera sessions. The color I use is sable sand, but it doesn’t say it has an SPF.

Finally, here’s my number five. It actually matches number one because I wear it more than any other foundation. It’s the Ultimate Face Tint by Ariane Poole. This product comes in three colors, but it’s the perfect go-to for me, any day.

It’s a moisturizer, a BB cream, a CC cream and a foundation all-in-one. It blends in very well with my skin tone, and it’s a good price. This is the one I wear most often, and the one I feel most comfortable in.

I think the It Cosmetics product is the best for pictures. The Catrice is super low price and I’ve used it when going out shopping. It actually does last pretty long, though not for 18 hours.

Those are my five favorite foundation products. Please share your favorite to get the conversation going.

Do you use foundation in your mature years? Which brands and products are your favorite? Do you care about a product’s price? Please share in the comment box below.

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