Scarves are one of those accessories that many women have in their possession but don’t always think of wearing. Many of us are used to the normal scarves and infinity scarves, but lately another popular style is the neck scarf!

And even though we don’t need to follow every trend that comes our way, this one is especially nice. In fact, on the back cover of InStyle magazine for December 2016, Dior is showing the exact same look!

By using the term neck scarf, I’m referring to the smaller scarves that tie right around the neck. They look more like a fabric necklace and aren’t meant to hang down the chest as low.

So Many Styles and Variations

As with any scarves at the stores, there are a multitude of colors and fabrics available in these smaller scarves.

One of the styles I’ve been noticing lately is the bandanna. Since bandannas now come in many colors, they can be a fun accessory without having to look like a cowboy!

There are a couple ways to wear these neck scarves. Most of these items start off square in shape, so if you fold them in half diagonally you will have a nice triangle when you tie the ends in the back. Sometimes the tied ends can be left in the front and be your decoration!

It is also possible to place the triangle of material at your shoulder – and if it doesn’t want to stay by itself, a pin or brooch can stabilize it.

You can also roll the square scarf when it’s still square or when it’s folded in half so it’s more like a tube. Then you only have a small amount of material showing at your neck! Another option to create this look is to take a regular length, thin scarf and wrap it a couple of times around your neck.

One of my favorite tricks is to borrow one of my husband’s pocket squares to use for this accessory!

How Do Neck Scarves Feel?

Most of us women are used to a scarf around our neck at some time or another. So this style is not very different from what we are already used to wearing.

The important factor would be to make sure the material feels good against your skin. Obviously, you also want to make sure it’s tied relatively loosely. There’s no reason to cut off your breathing or to restrict movement of your neck – ha-ha!

Reasons to Love this Look

Personally, I love this look because it reminds me of the stewardesses back in the day. Many of us remember when flight attendants had this item as part of their uniform and it was a classy look.

I consider this trend very friendly to us older woman. I’ve heard many a woman complain about the sagging skin at her neck and how it’s not her best feature anymore. Thus this small piece of material can camouflage those characteristics!

Another advantage is it’s an easy way to add a complementary color next to our face. This can be extremely helpful if you are wearing a shirt the color of which washes you out!

And for those of you who aren’t happy with the neckline of your shirt or just want to fill in the décolleté area – these can be a miracle pieces of fabric!!

Because this type of scarf is only around your neck, you certainly don’t have to worry about it getting in the way. How many of us, have had our normal length scarves end up in our food while eating?

A Few Considerations

Even though this is a small piece of material, it can certainly add warmth! Some of you might consider this an advantage but others could dislike this fact.

And since this scarf is usually closer to the skin than the regular and infinity scarves, this might mean it could need laundering more often.

Do it Yourself

Making your own neck scarf could be entirely possible even if you don’t sew professionally! Since it’s such a small piece of material and you’d only need straight stitches, you could pick up some material from the fabric store and create your own.

Another idea would be to repurpose an old dress or skirt of which you still love the material but never wear the garment anymore.

Is this neck scarf accessory something you like? Have you ever worn a smaller scarf like this? Do you prefer longer infinity or other shape scarves? What excites you about this style trend? What other fashion for women over 60 tips can you offer? Please join the conversation.

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