One of the keys to happiness at any age is learning not to take yourself too seriously. This is especially true as you get a little older and you start to encounter aging stereotypes. I still know people that get upset when someone adds “…for your age.” to a compliment. Why not just be happy to receive the compliment?

Perhaps that’s why I love this video of President Obama reading mean tweets about himself. No one gets more criticism, justified or otherwise, than the President of the United States and Obama is no exception.

Whether you like President Obama or not, I hope that you will enjoy watching this video, from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. It is a fantastic reminder to not take yourself too seriously at any age.

What did you think of President Obama’s response to the mean tweets that were directed his way? What was your favorite tweet? Do you agree that getting the most from life, at any age, requires us not to take ourselves too seriously? Please join the conversation.

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