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Saving for Retirement: 3 Reasons to Avoid the “Post Kids Spending Spree” Trap

By Sixty and Me March 28, 2018

The day that your youngest child leaves the house, or graduates from university, is a bitter-sweet moment for most parents. On the one hand, you are faced with sadness, fear and loneliness. On the other hand, you finally have the opportunity to start living your life again. Read More

Bruce Willis is Unbreakable at Age 63

By Margaret Manning March 19, 2018

Happy 63rd birthday, Bruce Willis! Read More

Are You Being Ageist… to Yourself? Here’s How it Affects How Others View You

By Kay Van Norman February 25, 2018

Recently, a colleague and I were discussing the impact of personal ageism on older adult health beliefs, and behaviors. We also talked about the way ageism impacts how older adults are viewed by others…

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Need One More Reason to Be Positive? it May Fight Off Dementia!

By Sixty and Me February 21, 2018

Since starting Sixty and Me, almost 5 years ago, I have noticed something interesting; the positive thinkers among us are, on average, happier, more active, stronger, more social and more engaged with the world. Read More

Helen Mirren Ditches Her Limo, Takes the Bus to Movie Premier

By Sixty and Me February 16, 2018

There are many reasons that we love Helen Mirren. She is an amazing actress, with 26 major awards to her name, including one Oscar. She is a champion for women’s rights and an outspoken critic of sexism and ageism. And, as today’s story demonstrates, despite her continued success as an actress, she is a down-to-earth lady who can even make riding the bus look fabulous! Read More

Morgan Freeman Rapping in a Mountain Dew Commercial? Say What?!? (Video)

By Sixty and Me February 03, 2018

Well, we’re only one day away from Super Bowl Sunday and already the year’s best (or at least most expensive) TV commercials have started to hit our screens. Read More

These 3 Older Actors Totally Crushed it in This Year’s Super Bowl Ads! (Videos)

By Sixty and Me February 03, 2018

A lot has been said recently about the pressure that older actors and actresses are feeling in Hollywood. Like so many industries, the entertainment business still has a big problem with ageism. Read More

The “Ex” Rated Guide to Solo Travel After 60

By Margaret Manning November 22, 2017

Today, women over 60 are shattering aging stereotypes in many ways. Living longer and better educated, they are focused on heath and independence. They are determined to achieve well-being and self-awareness. Read More

How Boomers Are Adapting to Life as the Club Sandwich Generation

By Anthony Cirillo October 06, 2017

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lori Bitter, author of The Grandparent Economy, for our Caregiver Smile Summit. We explored the growing phenomenon of the Club Sandwich Generation, typically boomers taking care of older parents while also caring for Millennial kids and often grandchildren…

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Helen Mirren Shocker! L’Oreal’s Moisturizer May Do “F**k All”

By Sixty and Me August 07, 2017

Since 2014, Dame Helen Mirren has served as a brand ambassador for L’Oreal skincare. Read More