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The Correlation Between Hearing Aid Use and Cognitive Function in Older Women

By Keith Darrow October 21, 2022

Have you ever thought about having a hearing test? Do you wonder if your hearing health has a connection to cognitive decline? Many studies have been conducted leading us to very definitive answers to this question…

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How Important It Is to Take Care of Your Physical Health After 60? Part 2: Hearing

By Joan Frances Moran August 17, 2022

When I was in high school and a smart-aleck with my friends, we used to tease my dad because of his hearing loss. Thank goodness he had a great sense of humor and a knowing sense of self…

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Cognitive Screenings and the Role of the Hearing Healthcare Provider

By Keith Darrow July 30, 2022

A healthy brain means a healthy you! You already know that your brain is your greatest asset – it helps you get through every day, make good decisions, and keeps you healthy. Having a healthy brain as you age is not something…

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How to Change a Loss Into a Catalyst for Change After 60

By Alice Fisher July 20, 2022

At each stage of our lifespan we are presented with the opportunity to change. These changes are different for each of us, and as we grow older, change is often accompanied by loss. Some of that loss is concrete, like the death…

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There’s Real Hope for Intermittent Fasting as a Weight Loss Technique for Older Women

By Peg Doyle February 12, 2022

By now, if you are a foodie or dieter, the term „ Intermittent fasting” has likely crossed your path. It’s a term that describes several types of fasting, but first, a word or two about this practice…

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Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2022

By Jessica Thomas January 03, 2022

Hearing aids are an essential tool that restores the quality of life for millions of Americans with varying degrees of hearing loss. Even though hearing aids are a tool, they also become part of the way that a person looks. Many people are concerned about the aesthetics of hearing aids. They often have an antiquated […]

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Best Hearing Aids 2022

By Jessica Thomas January 02, 2022

Buying hearing aids can be a challenging process. The market is flooded with options with vastly different features and varied price points. As a result, trying to pick out which hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs can be difficult. Even though many hearing aids have similar features, reviews suggest that some […]

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5 Ways to Balance Your Losses with Gains After 60

By Diane Dahli November 21, 2021

You may think that most of your challenges are behind you, but the natural progression of life dictates that unexpected things will happen to you as you age. Few people are ready, as they reach 60, for the onslaught of physical and neurological…

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Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 27, 2021

Phonak is one of the most widely respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world. This brand understands that hearing loss can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. And, because of that, Phonak works to utilize a wide range of technology to bridge these challenges. Phonak also recognizes that hearing loss looks different for different […]

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Oticon Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 25, 2021

Oticon is a Danish company that is at the forefront of introducing new technologies into the hearing aid industry. Oticon recognizes that hearing is about more than the human ear. It is fundamentally about how the brain processes sound. Because of this, Oticon uses an innovative technology known as BrainHearing Technology. This technology improves hearing […]

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