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Urinary Incontinence: Factors Predicting Successful Treatment

By Kent Sasse October 20, 2021

Incontinence, when there is loss of bladder or bowel control, severely diminishes a person’s quality of life. What’s more, the complexity of many different sub types of bladder and bowel dysfunction including urge incontinence, stress incontinence…

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What to Know About Adult Incontinence

By Aleece Fosnight October 08, 2021

Incontinence is more common in adults than many may think. In fact, about half of women (especially women over 50) and one-in-four men experience incontinence symptoms. Despite the prevalence of incontinence as we age, it is not something…

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Here’s Why Most Doctors Don’t Know About the Best Treatment for Incontinence

By Kent Sasse November 01, 2020

If you have tried to discuss any form of incontinence with your doctors and received mostly blank stares in return, you are not alone. Over the past 20 years, I have come to realize that the treatment of bowel and bladder control problems…

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How Modern Technology Is Solving the Problem of Incontinence

By Kent Sasse October 10, 2020

It likely began mildly, years ago, with a few small accidents here and there. Over time, dealing with the symptoms of incontinence – the pads, the change of clothes, the keen awareness of the closest bathroom…

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5 Best Adaptive Apparel Brands for Older Women

By Sandra Roussy April 10, 2023

Are you thinking of switching to adaptive clothing? Are you already wearing adaptive clothing? Perhaps you are caring for someone who requires adaptive clothing? There are many options for adaptive apparel on the market…

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3 Good Reasons Why NOT Everyone Over 60 Needs to Do Kegels

By Kathy Arthurson April 02, 2023

Are you diligently doing Kegels and finding it’s not helping your pelvic health at all? Perhaps you are experiencing involuntary loss of urine or urgent messages to find the bathroom (urge incontinence)? The very symptoms Kegels are meant…

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What’s So Important About Exercising Regularly?

By Alainnah Robertson March 16, 2023

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the human primate. Yet only a very small percentage of humans – around 2% at the most – like exercise, and the statistics show that no more than 30% of humans get enough of it to prevent ill health in later life…

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7 Treatment Options for Bladder and Bowel Leakage

By Kent Sasse March 09, 2023

For most people, the problem of bladder and bowel accidents, or incontinence, stems from loss of one or both integral parts of the system that must work together to empty the bladder and the rectum normally and without leakage or accidents…

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Facing Alcohol Addiction After 60

By Lori Butler January 13, 2023

In her late 70s, Becky, felt out of place during the Covid-19 crisis. She was finally coming to grips with her alcohol addiction. The problem was exacerbated by her use of prescribed medications – medications she needed to navigate aging…

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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pelvis After 60

By Brittany Denis October 25, 2022

Incontinence is an initial warning sign that the strength of your pelvic floor is compromised in some way and no longer has the ability to hold the contents of the pelvis. The initial symptom is leaking urine but if left untreated…

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