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Keeping a Makeup Journal – What Can You Learn That You Didn’t Know?

By Penelope Jane Whiteley December 17, 2021

We don’t usually associate keeping a journal with our beauty products. Neither skin care or makeup. I have certainly never done so, but in review, it seems to be a good idea. No more buying something that gives you a rash…

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Intuitive Journaling – Finding Your Own Wisdom

By Fran Braga Meininger October 22, 2021

Curled up in my cozy nest with only the glow of the screen illuminating the world before dawn, I write, I read, I understand. The words flow from my fingertips and my mind grasps what was previously unknown. Mornings are for writing…

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Private Life: Should Your Kids Read Your Journals When You’re Gone?

By Candy Leonard March 08, 2021

My friend’s mother died recently after a sudden stroke, and among her belongings he and his siblings discovered volumes of journals, going back 40 years. They started reading through these family artifacts and learned a lot…

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What’s the Real Deal with Reflection Journaling?

By Leslie Moon February 28, 2021

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve journaled. At eight and nine years old, it was a pretty pink diary with a lock and key that I would fill with my thoughts and poems and then replace with a new diary when it became full…

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January Is National Journaling Month

By Diana Raab December 30, 2020

I’ve been journaling since the age of 10, when my mother gave me a journal to help me cope with the death of my grandmother, who’d been my caretaker. Little did I realize that my mother’s seemingly simple gesture would set the stage…

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Why Keeping an Eating Journal Is Key for Permanent Weight Loss

By Shari Broder October 30, 2020

Do you keep a record of what you eat? Why would anyone want to bother to keep an eating journal each day? If you want to keep your weight down but still enjoy the foods you love and stay off the diet hamster wheel…

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Keeping a Gratitude Journal Changed My Life… and it Can Make You Happier Too!

By Sixty and Me December 06, 2019

Yoga is a moving meditation. Find peace and achieve balance with our gentle yoga classes.

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4 Ways Keeping a Journal Can Help You to Find Happiness

By Margaret Manning April 17, 2019

Like many women my age, I spend hours in front of my computer every day. As the founder of Sixty and Me, it’s rare for me to type fewer than 2000 words before lunch. But, despite the fact that I am completely comfortable with technology, I still love my leather bound journal.

There is something about putting pen to paper that takes me to another world and makes all of my fears and worries fade away, if only for a moment. Do you feel the same? Read More

The New Benefits of Journaling: 7 Ways Diaries and Journals Have Grown Up and Gone Digital

By Judi Jacobs August 07, 2018

While you might equate journaling to a high school summer assignment, there have been studies that show multiple benefits beyond improved writing skills. Research indicates that daily journaling promotes stress relief, managing anxiety, increased productivity and more. Read More

How to Dump Outdated Stories After 60

By Joanie Marx May 26, 2023

From time to time, all of us glance in the rearview mirror of our past. Whatever the reason we find ourselves looking into the past, it’s usually prompted by a desire to improve the quality of our life in the present…

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