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How I Supported the Significant Lady in My Life Through Menopause

By Mike Pukanic May 01, 2021

As someone who has worked in the health care profession for more than 40 years, I’m no stranger to being asked for my professional advice on all sorts of health issues. With so much information available these days, making the right decisions…

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Celebrating Menopause and the Transition to New Life

By Mike Pukanic April 20, 2021

For many Western women, the mention of the word menopause is associated with dread and fear – in a culture that relishes youth, it has come to be considered as part of the ageing process. Menopausal women have often been labelled “grumpy”…

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5 Common Symptoms of Menopause and What to Do About Them

By Julie Dargan November 27, 2020

At an online summit I hosted, I interviewed 15 women who found relief from their menopause symptoms by making simple diet and lifestyle changes. These women did not accept hot flashes, weight gain, and lack of energy…

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4 Natural Solutions to Hormonal Harmony After Menopause

By Julie Dargan October 09, 2020

Hailey came to me distraught from lack of sleep and constant hot flushes. Her doctor’s only recommendation was Hormone Replacement Therapy, but Hailey wanted to see if I had any natural recommendations…

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Menopause and Dating? Are These Concepts Even Compatible?

By Sandra McMahon September 27, 2020

Hot flushes, mood swings, creeping spare tires around the midriff – we are all familiar with the big M and its effects on us as we hit ‘that’ age. Few women sail through menopause with ease, and some of us have an exceedingly difficult time of it…

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The Truth About the Benefits of Probiotics After Menopause

By Sarah Brewer August 09, 2020

Many women find that increasing their intake of plant hormones and probiotics helps to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

These plant hormones have a weak effect on human oestrogen receptors and include soy isoflavones as well as lignans. These lignans are found in good quantities in ground flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, and lentils. Read More

Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair… But You Can Still Do it!

By Sixty and Me November 16, 2019

Love your body! Get inspired to get more from life after 60 with our Sixty and Me “Aging Beautifully” cards.

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Losing Weight After Menopause Isn’t Fair – But, it’s Still Possible

By Margaret Manning October 22, 2019

If life was fair, losing weight after menopause would be just as easy as at any other stage in our lives. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair. When I was in my 20s, I could look at a pair of walking shoes and drop 5 pounds. Now, in my 60s, it feels like I could run a marathon and gain weight from the water that they served along the way. Read More

What to Do If You Are a MAWIM or a Middle Aged Woman in Menopause

By Darlene McCarthy Barnfield February 20, 2018

Labels can be necessary, helpful or, sometimes, just plain insulting. MAWIM is an acronym I encountered in a local travel piece, and it stands for Middle Aged Women in Menopause. I immediately cringed. But read on. Read More

5 Dieting Mistakes When it Comes to Menopause Weight Gain

By Caroline Apovian May 04, 2017

Many of my middle-aged women patients ask me similar versions of the same question: why isn’t this weight loss technique that has always worked for me in the past working now?

The answer lies in the complex ways that our hormones change and impact our metabolisms during perimenopause. Read More