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Have You Experienced the Power of Nostalgic Music? You Should!

By Sally Dowling August 02, 2022

All through my life I have listened to the radio and there are some iconic songs that immediately take me back in time. My first memories are of Perry Como singing “Magic Moments”. I must have only been around four or five years old when I first heard it…

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Does Learning a Musical Instrument Maintain Brain Health?

By Patrick O'Malley June 15, 2022

Learning to play a musical instrument is something that many of us have considered doing at some point. As well as being fun and providing a great sense of achievement, there are many health benefits of playing an instrument…

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5 Remarkable Benefits of Music Listening to Positively Impact Your Health

By Carol Benton June 01, 2022

Do you listen to music on a regular basis? Maybe you tune the radio dial to a favorite station while you cook or pop in your earbuds when you head out for a walk. Personally, I’m such a dinosaur that I still enjoy the CDs from my large…

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Finding Cherished Memories Through Nostalgic Music

By Mary Sue Wilkinson March 20, 2022

My mom died when I was 35 years old. She was only 58. She’s been gone a long time now and sadly, memories do have a way of fading. Here’s one memory I do have. And it comes to me whenever I hear a certain song. Let me explain…

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Be Your Own Music Therapist: Create a Personal Power Playlist

By Candy Leonard January 30, 2022

About 10 years ago, I found myself in an extremely stressful work situation that I hoped would improve, and I tried to keep a positive attitude. The highlight of my day was my morning subway ride, as I people-watched and listened to music…

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4 Ways Music Feeds Our Spirit in Tough Times

By Terri Edmund December 15, 2021

I’ve played piano to entertain myself since I was a kid. Until my 60s, I didn’t realize how good it is for my mind. When I found out reading and playing music staves off memory deterioration, I was all in. Alzheimer’s Disease lurks in my family tree…

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4 Amazing Benefits of Music for Older Adults

By Cyn Meyer November 06, 2021

Music is a fantastic elixir for the soul and a powerful force in our lives. It has always been part of my story from when I was a kid playing the violin in retirement homes. And I’m sure you know very well firsthand how music can brighten your life…

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Piano, Ukulele or Trumpet? Choosing a Musical Instrument to Learn After 60

By Elizabeth Martyn August 22, 2021

‘Learn a musical instrument’ is a piece of glib advice that’s often wheeled out to older people. But instruments are not all born equal, and choosing wisely will give you a head start in achieving your music-making desires. Would you like to while away hours…

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Sing Me That Song, It’s Sexy! Ways That Sharing Music Can Give Your Romantic Life a Boost

By Barbara Lewis May 11, 2021

One of the first gifts that I gave to my new lover, John, some years ago was a song called, “The Nearness of You.” I had recorded myself singing the romantic song very informally on my iPhone. I sent it to him for his birthday after we had been seeing…

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Can You Still Enjoy or Play Music If You Suffer Hearing Loss?

By Patrick O'Malley March 18, 2021

Does a loss of hearing prevent you from listening to or playing a musical instrument? It’s a question I hear all the time. The answers can be quite surprising, but before we jump in too far, let’s examine the phenomenon of hearing loss…

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