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Senior Weight Loss 101: What Is the Microbiome Diet?

By  •  September 16, 2019

Our oldest daughter gave us a very special gift this past Christmas: two round trip tickets from Arizona to Minneapolis so we could spend four days after Christmas with her family. We laughed as we played games like Spoons, Telestrations, and Scattergories…
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Want to Lose a Little Weight? Throw Out These 8 Small Things!

By  •  September 14, 2019

It’s no secret that losing weight gets harder the older that we get. When I worked at a Pizza restaurant as a young woman, I could eat as much cheesy …
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Want to Lose Weight After 60? It’s Time to Take Personal Responsibility and Make Better Choices

By  •  September 10, 2019

You may have tried to diet and struggled to lose weight. Or you succeeded in losing weight but couldn’t keep it off. Read More

4 Painless Steps to Starting Weight Lifting for Seniors

By  •  September 2, 2019

Let’s do a quick word association game: What comes to mind when you think of weight lifting? If you’re like most people, one or more of the following popped into your head: Big beefy muscles; Lots of grunting…
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6 Things to Change to Get to a Healthy Weight After 60

By  •  August 29, 2019

There was a time that I cared about my weight because of the impact that it had on my appearance. Now, I just want to stay healthy and active for …
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3 Powerful Words to Start Your Weight Loss Journey – and Keep Your Figure Over Time

By  •  August 27, 2019

11 years ago, I was 50 pounds overweight. I had always been slim and fit, so my seemingly overnight weight gain came as a complete shock. So much so that one sunny day I saw my image…
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8 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Women Over 60 Make

By  •  August 24, 2019

I’m not going to lie. Losing weight over 60 is harder and takes longer than it was when we were younger. Our metabolism slows down, and even if you’ve kept in shape, you may not be able to move your body…
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How to Eliminate Stress and Decrease Weight Gain After 60

By  •  August 21, 2019

Previously, I discussed the effects of estrogen on your body, including subsequent weight gain. The hormone I will be discussing in this article is cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Read More

Feeling Restricted by Your Weight After 60? 5 Secrets to Getting Your Body Back

By  •  August 15, 2019

If you’re like most women trying to lose weight, you probably think you must restrict calories, exercise till you drop, deprive yourself of the food you love, and cut off all social contact…
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This Secret Elixir Will Help You Lose Weight and Gain Energy (It’s 0 Calorie, No Sugar and FREE!)

By  •  August 11, 2019

If I were to tell you that I have discovered a secret elixir that will help you to lose weight, have healthier skin and find more energy, would you believe …
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