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Senior Travel Tips: Solo Travel, Singles Cruises, and Budget Travel (Video)

By Margaret Manning August 08, 2013

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I speak with Nancy Parode, an experienced travel expert and writer on the topic of senior travel for Read More

Financial Independence After 60: Make a Budget and Earn More Money (Video)

By Margaret Manning June 12, 2013

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I spoke with the dynamic Chellie Campbell, on a topic that weaves its way into our lives every day and elicits every emotion from fear to elation – money! Read More

Tips and Tricks for Developing Your Shopping Style After 60

By Penelope Jane Whiteley July 01, 2022

For most women, shopping is an inherited or possibly even genetic characteristic. We don’t need to take classes because most of us are born with a shopping degree. But we do need to follow certain guidelines if we are to be awarded…

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Planning to Travel Abroad? Here Are Important Financial Tips You Need to Know

By Edd and Cynthia Staton June 29, 2022

Hooray!! You can finally take that trip abroad you’ve had to postpone for the past two years. Before you head to the airport, we want to share some important financial tips that will help you save money and avoid frustrating surprises after you arrive…

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Is a Bridge Job Right for You Before Retirement?

By Diane Lansing June 21, 2022

There was a time when I felt sure that I would continue working until age 70 or beyond. In fact, I often joked that one day I would simply resign from my job at the nursing home where I worked as an RN and move myself into the assisted living…

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Prepare for a Foreign Vacation by Learning the Language

By Kerry Baker June 15, 2022

How does the idea of a road trip or a vacation sound to you right now? Pretty good, I would venture to guess. In every vacation, we take two pleasure trips. One is the trip itself. The other is the anticipation of the experience – the planning…

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10 Best Bra Options for Older Women

By Sandra Roussy June 14, 2022

Aging is definitely a process. A process that we can try to gracefully slow down by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. But no matter how much we try, certain body parts are simply prone to weaken over time. Our breasts fall in this category…

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I Took Control of My Financial Destiny in Retirement… You Can Too!

By Elizabeth Dunkel June 13, 2022

For years I thought I had my finances and investments figured out. I had a financial advisor and felt well taken care of. I was grateful to have this smart man advise me and manage my investments for my retirement. Whilst we never socialized…

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6 Smart Ways to Save on Healthcare Costs

By Jessica Hegg June 08, 2022

If you’re pinching pennies trying to save up for a big trip this summer, the biggest hurdle you face may be rising healthcare costs. Whether it’s co-pays on supplemental insurance plans, expensive prescriptions, or even everyday medical equipment…

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How Solo Road Trips Can Be Fun at Any Age

By Joy Harmon June 05, 2022

Are you a Baby Boomer who still enjoys driving? Many people do continue driving into their senior years. It makes so many things more convenient if you drive rather than take another mode of transportation…

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