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The Power of Sacred Symbols in Your Home

By Heidi Smith March 01, 2024

Years ago, I found a pair of beautiful, hand-carved, wooden angel wings in an antique shop. I bought them as a decorative accessory, but, strangely, could never find the right place for them in my spacious home. I tried them on several walls…

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The Secret Life of Weight Obsessed Women

By Iris Pastor January 28, 2024

Most people think it’s just skinny 16-year-olds that develop anorexia nervosa and teenagers of all sizes that develop bulimia. ED (eating disorder) is a restless lover, attracted to potential lovers of all ages. And he’s made great inroads with women …

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20 Ways to Create Joyful Thoughts

By Christine Field December 25, 2023

Although we can all agree that the pandemic years were quite bad, 2023 hasn’t been all that easier either. And though sometimes the days can seem grim, each day and in every situation, we have a choice. We can choose to focus on the negative…

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5 Actionable Approaches to Gain the Upper Hand Over Loneliness

By Michelle Hill December 23, 2023

As part of humanity, we all experience loneliness occasionally. I know I have. When I was first divorced in 2000 and found myself spending major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas alone for the first time, I didn’t know what to do with myself…

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Christmas Tea and Other Holiday Traditions

By Marie Burns December 21, 2023

Whatever reasons contributed to the popularity of Christmas Tea, I am in favor. It’s one of those ‘forced pauses’ that allows us to ‘stop and smell the roses’ over the holidays. During the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year, a pause is always a good thing…

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Why Do Couples Divorce Later in Life?

By Brian Joslyn December 02, 2023

Divorces initiated later in life have surged in recent years, marking a stark shift in marital dynamics. Younger couples find it relatively easier to part ways due to their upbringing in a society where dual-career households are the norm…

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Bored with Your Husband? How to Keep Dust from Settling on Your Marriage

By Kurt Smith November 06, 2023

Remember the excitement you used to feel about your husband? The anticipation of time together was enough to keep you moving through your day. Not to mention the mental notes you’d make about things to tell him or daydreams…

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5 Reasons Why Adopting a Pet in Retirement May Be Right for You

By Molly Wisniewski October 10, 2023

Socialization is fun, and many reports state that remaining active and social as older adults can keep us healthy and help us to live longer. But what happens when it’s no longer just as simple as hopping in the car and going?

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Moving to New Home Later in Life: Things to Consider

By Peter Keers September 18, 2023

No matter how far you move, much work is involved. However, the further you move, the greater the effort in terms of cost, time and stress. Moving close to your current home allows you to keep some of your established patterns…

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How Do We Transition to a New Phase of Life?

By Ardith Bowman September 06, 2023

This article focuses on the transition out of full time work. The ideas also are relevant to anyone seeing 65 as a transition into a new phase of life. Let’s begin by framing the end of a full-time career as simply a transition in a continual sequence…

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