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Starkey Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 18, 2021

Starkey: A Market Leader Starkey is one of the most established hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. Because of its long history, many consumers trust Starkey and its wide range of products to meet their hearing needs. Below is a review of some of Starkey’s most popular hearing aids, as well as a discussion […]

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Beltone Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 17, 2021

Beltone is a company that has a long track record of helping people with hearing challenges. It has been in operation since 1940, and there are thousands of satisfied customers. Beltone believes that the key to finding the right Beltone hearing aids for customers is accurately assessing the customers’ hearing losses. If you’re in the […]

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

By Jessica Thomas January 06, 2021

Many older Americans with moderate to significant hearing loss are interested in this question: Does Medicare cover the cost of hearing aids? The answer to this question is even more important because hearing aids can dramatically improve users’ quality of life. However, we can’t also ignore the fact that hearing aids are expensive. Most models […]

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Ultimate Guide to Hearing Aid Batteries

By Jessica Thomas January 01, 2021

One of the most challenging issues of hearing aids for many wearers is the topic of batteries. No one wants the unexpected and unwelcome surprise of a hearing aid that is suddenly not working. However, knowing when and how to change batteries can be complex. Below, we explore some of the most important issues related […]

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Best Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

By Jessica Thomas December 30, 2020

The Realities of Hearing Aids  A growing number of Americans need hearing aids to cover a wide range of hearing loss that negatively impacts their quality of life. But, for many people, traditional hearing aids, which are frequently not covered by insurance packages, can be prohibitively costly. In fact, they price many people out of […]

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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

By Jessica Thomas December 14, 2020

As the American population continues to age, more and more people find themselves needing hearing aids. However, some individuals experience sticker shock when they hear about the price, which they often need to pay out-of-pocket. Below, we will discuss hearing aid costs for some of the most popular brands, such as Starkey, Costco/Kirkland, and Beltone.  […]

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How to Overcome Boomer Hearing Challenges in a Masked World

By Joy Stephenson-Laws November 15, 2020

Many baby boomers have some degree of hearing loss. In fact, by the time we reach age 70, about 70 percent of us will suffer a decline in our hearing acuity. And by 2030, some 50 million boomers are expected to have hearing loss…

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Common Hearing Issues Among Older Adults

By Jessica Thomas October 04, 2020

Many older adults experience some degree of hearing loss, and this hearing loss can dramatically impact their quality of life. Some hearing issues are simply genetic, whereas traumatic injuries or illnesses may cause others…

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Confessions of a Woman Who Secretly Wears Hearing Aids

By Cindy Roe Littlejohn August 05, 2020

Not many people know it (and now everyone will), but I occasionally wear hearing aids. Not for everyday use, but for when I am in a crowded situation where people have to talk and listen to each other. Read More

5 Ways to Find the Motivation to Continue Your Weight Loss and Fitness Journey After 50

By Joseph Parent August 17, 2018

The ideal approach to losing weight and getting fit is based on positive preference rather than harsh self-denial. The key is to consciously choose to weigh less and be in better shape as a preference over the old habits of over-eating and avoiding exercise. Read More