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Writing Your Memoir Is Easier Than You Think

By Linda Wisniewski November 25, 2023

I’ve heard it many times in my classes: Your family and friends want you to write your memoir. They say you’ve had an interesting life, and you have such great stories to tell. They want it all in writing for their kids, your grandkids. But who has the time?

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How to Grow Your Vocabulary in a Shrinking-Vocabulary World

By Laura Galbato November 23, 2023

I hear myself using some of the same words over and over. Words like nice, cool, wow, and pretty. Maybe the guy is nice, but there’s a plethora of words that may better describe him. Maybe he’s good-natured, pleasant, friendly, hospitable, cordial, amiable…

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The Silver Agony Aunt Responds: Assisted Living and Regrets

By Wendy Ann Hulbert November 22, 2023

The Silver Agony Aunt responds to these question: “How do you make sure assisted living is the best possible option for a loved one, and how can you overcome feeling regret over some decisions, even though you did the best you could at the time?”

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7 Ways to Express Gratitude During Thanksgiving Season

By Joanie Marx November 21, 2023

When was the last time you genuinely expressed love and gratitude for the people and experiences in your life that have shaped you into who you are today? It isn’t easy to take time out to express what you are truly grateful for, especially during…

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Christian Tours for Singles Over 50

By Sixty and Me November 21, 2023

Embarking on a journey of faith and adventure knows no age limits, and for Christian singles over 50, the world beckons with captivating destinations that blend spiritual enrichment, cultural exploration, and the joy of forming meaningful connections…

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Activate Your Creative Side Through Laughter

By Joanie Marx November 17, 2023

As women enter their 60s, we often find ourselves with more free time and fewer responsibilities than we had during our younger years. While this newfound freedom can be liberating, it can also be challenging to fill the extra hours with meaningful…

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Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

By Sixty and Me November 15, 2023

The mega online retailer, Amazon, always has some pretty great deals when Black Friday comes around. Every year they offer thousands of products with amazing discounts applied. We went through the sales and we’ve compiled a list of Amazon Black Friday deals that are perfect for us older women. Make sure to check out these […]

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Opening the Door to Love Again After a Loss

By Yvonne Broady November 12, 2023

Not long ago, I met a very lovely lady who enthusiastically shared her story of love lost and found again. She explained how her husband had died 20 years earlier. Years later, after vowing that she would never love anyone else, this woman found herself…

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5 Ways Laughter Can Strengthen Your Mental Health

By Joanie Marx November 09, 2023

Do you remember the catchphrase, “Calgon, take me away”? During the 1970s and 1980s,”Calgon, take me away”, was a ubiquitous phrase for stressed-out women everywhere. With television and print campaigns featuring women…

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Piano Lesson 22: Expressing Our Gratitude

By Gaili Schoen November 08, 2023

Welcome to Lesson 22! Today we are covering p.67-68 plus a couple bonus Thanksgiving songs! If you are following me on my timeline, it’s November, the month to think about, and to express, gratitude. Since starting a gratitude practice about 4 years ago…

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