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Forget Silver Divorces – More Boomers Saying “I Do,” for the Second Time

By Margaret Manning March 17, 2015

There has been a lot of talk lately about the increase in silver divorces among baby boomers. As our children leave the house and we start to look towards the coming decades, more of us are deciding to go it alone. Read More

Is Making Friends as an Adult Easier or Harder After 60?

By Margaret Manning March 16, 2015

Making friends as an adult is always difficult, but, it’s not until we reach our 50s and 60s that things really start to get interesting.

For most of our lives, our friendships follow our social context. As kids, our lives are filled with schoolmates, neighbors and teammates. As parents, we follow our kids to BBQs, sports events and school activities. When we are building our careers, our co-workers are a constant source of social contact – even if we wish that they weren’t.

Read More

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety as a Woman Over 60

By Margaret Manning February 19, 2015

Most women my age, to one degree or another, are wondering how to deal with stress and anxiety. Some people, like me, even thrive with a little stress in our lives. We feel that stress, up to a certain point, makes us stronger and more alive.

Others fear stress or all kinds and do everything that they can to avoid it. What stresses you out? Do you think that there are some kinds of stress that are positive, while others are negative? Read More

Feeling Lonely? It’s Not Your Fault!

By Margaret Manning February 18, 2015

Feeling lonely is difficult to talk about. At times, it feels like loneliness is not just a feeling, but, a reflection of our place in society. Maybe we feel like we should be able to “take control” or “just get out there and meet people.” That’s certainly what society would like us to believe. Or perhaps we feel like we are alone in our loneliness – that we are one of only a handful of lonely people. Read More

Do Lonely People Really “Build Walls” that Separate Them from Others?

By Margaret Manning February 17, 2015

As a society, we love to talk about what lonely people are doing wrong. Some of the advice that people give is productive and well-intentioned, but, today, I came across a quote that I absolutely disagree with. The quote was by Joseph F. Newton, who said “People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” Read More

3 Amazing Places to Meet People Online Who Share Your Interests

By Margaret Manning February 12, 2015

Women over 60 are much more technologically savvy than most people give us credit for! But, even if you are comfortable with technology, it can often be difficult to know where to look for people who share your interests. This is especially true at a time when we need to be more careful than ever about our privacy and security online. Read More

We’re Looking at Retirement Planning All Wrong and People Are Going to Get Hurt

By Margaret Manning November 20, 2014

What is retirement planning? It’s a simple question, right? Doesn’t everyone know that getting ready for retirement is all about putting enough money away so that we can live comfortably on our investments? At least, that’s what we have been told. For decades, our employers have reminded us to max out our 401K. Read More

It’s Not Too Late! Improve Your Health After 60 by Breaking these Habits

By Margaret Manning November 19, 2014

When it comes to smoking, drinking and a lack of exercise, many women that I know have a fatalistic perspective. If you are in your 60s or 70s, it’s easy to convince yourself that “the damage has already been done.” But, is this really true? As it turns out, no, it isn’t – not in the slightest! Researchers are increasingly showing that it’s never too late to get benefits from abandoning a bad habit. For example, recent studies have found that people can add years to their life by quitting smoking, even in their 60s. Read More

3 Implications of the Rise of Divorce After 50

By Margaret Manning November 11, 2014

In recent years, a lot has been written about the fact that divorce rates among people over 50 are rising, while other generations are staying married longer. For example, over the last 20 years, baby boomer divorce rates have increased 50%. Read More

6 Strategies to Help You Get the Most from Life After 60

By Margaret Manning September 17, 2014

Life after 60 can be one of the most challenging and uncertain times in a woman’s life. It can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding. With our roles and responsibilities changing, life is once again a fresh canvas. If you are just now turning 60, you may be wondering what’s to do next.

Do you want to take it easy for a while? Or, after years in a corporate career, perhaps you want to start a business of your own? Whether you want to travel, work, relax or volunteer, there is no reason that life after 60 shouldn’t be amazing. Read More