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16 Danger Signs for Seniors to Be Aware of This National Suicide Prevention Month

By Diana Raab September 07, 2023

Chances are that during the course of your lifetime, or maybe more so in your 50s and 60s, you’ve known people who’ve said that they wanted to end their lives. Perhaps they were victims of trauma or were dealing with physical…

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How to Fall in Love with Your Future Self! (5 Fabulous Self-Love Tips)

By Astrid Longhurst September 06, 2023

When I was in my 20s, I thought that 60 was old. My upbringing had painted pictures and stories in my mind of grey, fragile women who had ceased to follow their passions or keep their dreams alive. However, at 63, I am nothing like those images…

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5 Belly Fat Mistakes Women Over 55 Need to Avoid

By Aubrey Reinmiller September 04, 2023

One of the most common questions I receive as a Personal Trainer for women over 55 is, “How do I get rid of stubborn belly fat?” This question is typically followed by a request for a focus on core exercises. But there is so much more…

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The Art of Owning Your Emotions After 60

By Joanie Marx August 30, 2023

All of us have experienced resistance to having our desires met. The kind of resistance we encounter is different for each of us. There is, however, a common form of resistance those of us 60 and over share. It comes down to taking responsibility…

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7 Thought Provoking Topics About Retirement: How to Know if It’s Time to Transition from Work to Vocation

By Joan Senio August 28, 2023

Retirement marks a significant milestone in our lives – the transition from a long-standing career (whether it be at home or in the office) to an entirely new era filled with possibility. It’s a time to reflect on accomplishments…

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Emotional Eating and Weight Management: Navigating the Connection

By Marion Holt August 28, 2023

Emotional eating, the tendency to use food as a coping mechanism for emotional distress, can significantly impact weight management efforts. Understanding the intricate relationship between emotional eating and weight management…

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Just What the Doctor Ordered – How Women Over 60 Are at Highest Risk for Prescription Drug Addiction

By Lori Butler August 28, 2023

Sally was noticing changes in her 73-year-old mother in-law Emily. As Sally became Emily’s primary caregiver, she noticed Emily seemed a great deal anxious most of the time. She’d also become more withdrawn. And, because Sally often ran errands for Emily…

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Finding Yourself: 5 Steps Towards Self-Discovery

By Elise Christian August 25, 2023

There’s no relationship more important than the one that we have with ourselves. And taking the time to really hone that relationship and get comfortable in our own skin can be a huge step towards learning to trust ourselves, finding true happiness…

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How I Found Empowerment in Going Back to School

By Diana Raab August 21, 2023

Eleven years ago, at the age of 58, I returned to school for my PhD in transpersonal psychology. As a healer and writer, I thought that my research would be a perfect fit for my life path. In addition to wanting to do research and write books and articles…

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How to Embody Your Worthiness After 60

By Joanie Marx August 17, 2023

At each stage of life, we adopted specific beliefs, traits, and behaviors to adapt to different people, environments, and circumstances. Where did these beliefs, traits, and behaviors come from? In most cases, they were passed down…

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