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How to Get Involved in the Creative Arts in Your 60s  

By Ellen Rand June 07, 2022

We all know how important it is to incorporate physical exercise in our lives to help us age well. It’s good for our bodies, of course, but also for our spirits. It raises our sense of well-being, perhaps enhancing our connection to nature…

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How Solo Road Trips Can Be Fun at Any Age

By Joy Harmon June 05, 2022

Are you a Baby Boomer who still enjoys driving? Many people do continue driving into their senior years. It makes so many things more convenient if you drive rather than take another mode of transportation…

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9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Fitness Routine After 60

By Karen Matthews June 05, 2022

Are you an exercise cheater? I know I am. Given the chance, I always opt for the easier-exercise way out – whether intentionally or not. I just tend to want to get it over with quickly. When I do sit-ups or some other exercise…

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A 30-Day Reboot Program for Women over 60

By Lynn Clare June 04, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The time when I begin to feel a bit restless and in need of a change. I don’t feel stuck, just a little less interested in my usual routine. Time passes so quickly that I forget to stop and reassess where I want to be…

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10 Fun Things to Do with Someone in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

By Connie Chow June 01, 2022

When a loved one lives in a nursing home or assisted living, visiting regularly is an important way to stay connected and show how much you care. Spending time with you will brighten their day and knowing when you’ll…

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Taking Back My Past, One Song at a Time

By Jude Walsh May 31, 2022

Divorcing after a long marriage is difficult, made even more so when the divorce is ugly, and you are left feeling not only disrespected but erased. I know, no one can MAKE you feel any one way. Your feelings are your own. And, in theory, I agree with that…

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Do You Feel Invisible or Invincible Over 60?

By Elena Karplus May 30, 2022

In our youth-oriented society, women are often written-off by age, and if you watch TV or read articles, you would think that after 40 we begin a wild ride up and over the hill. It’s as if we begin a steady course toward invisibility…

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Traveling Solo in Mexico as an Older Woman

By Sandra Roussy May 28, 2022

Mexico is not only Cancun, tacos, and margaritas on the beach. It is an immensely diverse country with palm-lined beaches, pine-covered mountains, magical towns (yes, they are called “Pueblos Magicos”), and also ultra-modern cities..

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Why Rebounding Is the Perfect Exercise in Tough Times

By Nicole Christina May 28, 2022

As a psychotherapist of 30 years, I’ve accumulated a toolbox of mood boosters and self-care skills that are tried and true. And they have come in handy since the pandemic started! My general philosophy, both clinically and in life…

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Uplift Your Spirit and Sing Your Way to Health and Joy in the Years Beyond 60

By Jan Moore May 26, 2022

I think many of us harbor a secret dream about singing onstage with a rock band. I had this dream fulfilled when my choir director, Leah Hokanson, gave us the opportunity to sing with her backup band…

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