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Meaningful Celebration Ideas for a 60th Birthday and Beyond!

By Elaine Ambrose September 24, 2023

My friend survived another trip around the sun, and I searched for an appropriate birthday card to send her. I noticed that many cards contained exaggerated, pathetic caricatures that resembled cruel and unusual punishment for still being alive…

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The Curious Path to the Life You Really Want

By Linda Wattier September 16, 2023

Something big was afoot. Bored out of my mind and tired of the daily grind, I couldn’t muster up even one ounce of enthusiasm. My work in the corporate world had become meaningless. I knew I had reached a significant turning point…

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10 Nature Destinations for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy August 02, 2023

Do you enjoy traveling? Is nature a priority when you choose your destinations? Each individual has their own unique travel style and preferences. For instance, some may enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and diverse range…

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7 Useful Networking Groups for Women Over 60

By Margaret Manning July 20, 2023

In many ways, networking was simpler before computers and the Internet. We met like-minded people face to face, and job hunting involved a personal exchange with a recruiter. Remember paper resumes? We joined interest groups and shared…

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5 Top-Rated Free Online Classes for Women Over 50

By Sandra Roussy June 12, 2023

We often hear that we are never too old to learn something new. It has never been easier to learn new things than it is now. The internet has opened the doors to new ways of learning and I’m here for it. Now, all I need is to find the time to take all…

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Why Is It So Difficult to Invest in Yourself as a Woman over 60?

By Deborah Voll June 11, 2023

As women we are faced with a unique set of challenges. Often, we are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities, which can leave little time for personal growth and development. However, investing in oneself is essential for personal and professional…

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12 Creative Journaling Ideas

By Lynn Huggins-Cooper May 28, 2023

Do you keep a journal? People journal for many reasons: to organise themselves, to process ideas and reflect upon their life, to keep a record of travels and activities, or to enhance their wellbeing…

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Short Book Reviews: New Worlds at Your Fingertips

By Ann Boland May 09, 2023

In March, I was honored to moderate a panel of memoir writers at the Tucson Festival of Books. Meeting and interacting with these authors was memorable. Adiba is as funny and direct as her book. Asked by an audience member…

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Top 10 Benefits of Building Your Community

By Tammi Kaeberlein May 03, 2023

I stopped looking for “my community” years ago, trying to fit in somewhere when one, I didn’t, and two, I really just wanted to be on my own most of the time. In the process of doing so, I started being true to myself. Me, for the first time ever…

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Photos and Fumbles – What Do You Do with Your Thousands of Photos?

By Cynthia Hogg May 02, 2023

I have 10 grandchildren and love to have adventures with them, everything from road trips to summer “Cousins’ Camps.” And I always try to document these adventures with lots of photos. Today, the technology available for still and video photography…

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