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3 Phenomena Show There’s No Better Time for Living Than Now

By Darlene Corbett May 19, 2023

I’ve written on this theme many times, but I’ll repeat myself: There’s never a better time for living than now. You might ask why? What’s so great about getting older? Well, we have a choice: See our third portion of life as a privilege…

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You May Be Able to Live 7.5 Years Longer: Here’s How

By Michael MacDonald May 15, 2023

Would you like to add years to your life, years of quality living? Most of us would. There are several ways to do this. Exercise, diet and stress reduction are common strategies, for people of any age, but they are not the only ones…

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Swimsuits for Older Women: How to Find a Flattering Bathing Suit

By Sixty and Me May 12, 2023

How does a woman over 60 find a comfortable and fashionable bathing suit that will cover up a little unwanted weight? Where can she find a style that creates a flattering look? Fortunately, in recent years, designers have started to think about how to create swimwear that meets our needs. They still haven’t taken the step of showing older women in their advertising, but, that’s another story. So, if you’re looking to hit the beach this summer, here are a few places to look for flattering bathing suits for women over 50.

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Lingerie Guide for Older Women

By Sandra Roussy May 09, 2023

Are you unsure about what lingerie styles suit you best? As we get older and our bodies and lifestyles change, so do our choices of clothing items. Lingerie can be the one that gets the most intimidating as we get older. As a fashion designer,

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A Tribute to the Amazing Women in the Sixty and Me Community

By Ann Richardson April 24, 2023

I have been writing for Sixty and Me for donkey’s years (a British expression meaning a long time), and it suddenly hit me this week that we are a rather amazing lot. Not the writers – I don’t know much about the other bloggers – but you, the readers…

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My Radiation Face and Thoughts on Beauty Advice

By Maggie Marangione March 28, 2023

As I age, I note that beauty advice is more of a conversation among friends, family, and even strangers. Sometimes this input is unsolicited; sometimes it’s just like when Madonna appeared on the 2023 Grammys, looking like she had swollen a tick…

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How to Become a Mystery Shopper After 60

By Sandra Roussy March 24, 2023

A mystery shopper (also known as a secret shopper) is a person who is hired to pose as a regular customer and visit a business, such as a store, restaurant, or hotel, to evaluate and report on their experiences. Mystery shopping is typically…

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How to Make Use of the 6 Retirement Types

By Ardith Bowman March 08, 2023

Are you in the “one plan and done” retirement trap? Living into your 60s and beyond is a phase of life with many transitions. Sadly, one aspect of ageism is that retirement is seen as a static life phase with decline over time. It is time to disrupt this view…

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Cultivating Your Health Span Is Easier than Ever

By Ardith Bowman March 05, 2023

I have some wonderful news. It is good for us to focus on the positive when we can. Do you know that the life areas that bring you happiness, like good relationships, are the very same ones that contribute to your “health span”?

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Being the Eldest Person on Your Work Team

By Shelagh Murray March 03, 2023

Many of us continue to work past the point when society expects us to retire. Maybe we don’t feel ready to retire yet, maybe we just need the money. Whatever the reason, it inevitably means that we are working with – and for…

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