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Health Resources for Older Women

By Sixty and Me April 04, 2021

The golden years are often some of the best years of our life. They do, however, come with an increased risk of health issues. Many of these health problems affect women only for biological reasons.  We look at 15 of the most common issues that affect older women and the health resources available to support […]

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New Jersey Aging Statistics Resource Guide

By Sixty and Me September 21, 2020

The New Jersey Aging Statistics & Resource Guide contains key information, links and statistics for senior citizens in New Jersey. With an aging population and the average cost of care averaging between $25.00 an hour for home care to $11,650 a month for skilled nursing care, New Jersey is typically less expensive than the national […]

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Senior Friendly Tech Trends for 2020

By Judi Jacobs December 05, 2019

Technology isn’t just about selfies and social media. Many advances in design and use features help the older folks live independent, safe, and healthy lives. In 2020, there will continue to be a focus on technology…

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