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Miracle Ear Reviews

By Jessica Thomas February 05, 2021

Miracle Ear hearing aids have a long history of helping thousands of Americans address their hearing losses in an affordable way. What sets Miracle Ear hearing aids apart from many of its competitors is its extensive network of retail stores. There are more than 1,500 Miracle Ear stores across the country where customers can have […]

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Cochlear Implants Guide

By Jessica Thomas January 04, 2021

Many Americans are hard of hearing, to various degrees, and some Americans are deaf. For those with moderate hearing loss, hearing aids can be an essential tool to help restore hearing and maintain normal day-to-day functioning. Yet, for those with profound hearing losses, hearing aids may not be enough. These people may require cochlear implants.  […]

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How We Celebrated Thanksgiving at My CCRC

By Sheila Grinell December 06, 2020

Tom and I had a one o’clock reservation for a traditional Thanksgiving meal in the dining room. We were seated at one end of a rectangular table, with another couple we knew slightly at the other end. Although socially distanced…

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The Art of Packing for a Day Trip

By Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith October 29, 2020

In our current climate with travel restrictions in place around the world, day trips outside of our hometown are a way to feel that we are taking some well-deserved R & R. We normally pack everything in a carry-on for our…

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Understanding and Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

By Emily White October 26, 2020

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that destroys a person’s intellectual and cognitive abilities and robs them of their memories.  As this disease progresses nerve cells in the brain (neurons) stop working, slowly lose connections to one another and eventually die. This causes memory failure, personality changes and an inability to carry out […]

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How to Use Technology to Get More from Aging in Place

By Sixty and Me October 16, 2019

Can technology and the older generation mix? Of course! Technology is not just for young people. As we get older, technology can help us improve our day-to-day living and safety…

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Over 50? Don’t Miss This Brain Health Check List from Dr. Leslie Kernisan

By Margaret Manning October 31, 2018

Our brain is a powerful tool that we should pay attention to, especially as we get older. Join us in conversation with Dr. Leslie Kernisan who shares her check list of important brain health practices we should all know about. Enjoy the show! Read More

7 Boomer Marketing Tips, According to Baby Boomers

By Margaret Manning July 07, 2016

It’s no secret that baby boomers are one of the most powerful consumer groups in the world. As a result, marketers are constantly looking for ways to sell to us. Right about now, I can probably hear you saying, “Who cares?” As Seth Godin’s book says, “All Marketers Are Liars.” Why should we care if they know how to market to us? Read More

Health Resources for Older Women

By Sixty and Me April 04, 2021

The golden years are often some of the best years of our life. They do, however, come with an increased risk of health issues. Many of these health problems affect women only for biological reasons.  We look at 15 of the most common issues that affect older women and the health resources available to support […]

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New Jersey Aging Statistics Resource Guide

By Sixty and Me September 21, 2020

The New Jersey Aging Statistics & Resource Guide contains key information, links and statistics for senior citizens in New Jersey. With an aging population and the average cost of care averaging between $25.00 an hour for home care to $11,650 a month for skilled nursing care, New Jersey is typically less expensive than the national […]

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