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After Heartbreak, New Widows Must Revisit Their Finances

By Kathleen M. Rehl August 17, 2023

I was devastated. A few days before I turned 60, I was suddenly a widow. But really, I was typical. Surprisingly, the average age at which a wife becomes a widow is 59.4. About 1 million women a year in the U.S. experience what may be the most stressful event…

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How to Make a Flower Wreath

By Lynn Huggins-Cooper August 15, 2023

A flower wreath hanging on your front entrance is the most glorious door dressing. It’s a vibrant sign of life and the warmth and colour to be found within. Rust coloured chrysanthemums and glowing orange lilies for Halloween; traditional holly…

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Are We Shaped by Our Childhoods?

By Diana Raab August 14, 2023

More and more research is coming forth about how the events of our childhoods affect our adult passions and mold who we become. Some believe that childhood sets the stage for the trajectory of our lives. This has definitely been true for me…

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7 Easy-to-Implement, Fast-to-Accomplish Hacks to Reset and Refresh Your Life at Home

By Beate Schilcher August 09, 2023

Especially as we grow in years, our home is the only place where we have a sense of total control over our lives. Everything else, the “outside world,” is not under our command (at least not completely). Our homes are places of recreation…

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Sign Up to Show Up: How to Torture Yourself into Change (And Have Fun in the Process)

By Danna Walker August 04, 2023

My mantra when I was a manager at an internet company was: Embrace constant positive change. I used to relay that to my staff all the time. It came from a tech guru I admired, and considering the fast pace of the work we were doing…

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Crafts for Seniors: 10 Fun and Easy Ideas to Explore

By Samantha Howard August 04, 2023

Crafting holds a special place in our hearts, bringing immense joy and fulfillment to people of all ages. But for seniors, it takes on an even deeper significance. It becomes an outlet for creativity, a source of mental stimulation…

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Addressing Emotional Eating with Mindfulness, Awareness and Compassion

By Marion Holt July 29, 2023

Emotional eating, the tendency to use food as a coping mechanism for emotional distress, can disrupt our relationship with food and hinder our overall well-being. However, mindfulness, a practice that cultivates present-moment…

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45 Best Gifts for Crafters

By Samantha Howard July 26, 2023

There’s no better way to show appreciation for the dedicated crafters in our lives than by gifting them something that inspires and enhances their artistic endeavors. Whether they’re seasoned artisans or just beginning to explore their creative sidе…

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Actionable Plan for Estranged Parents Over 60

By Marie Morin July 25, 2023

Estrangement from an adult child can be an incredibly distressing and tumultuous experience, especially for parents over 60. The deep pain and grief resulting from severed ties and the longing for reconnection can impact your emotional well-being. The uncertainty of the situation may weigh heavily on your heart, causing overwhelming waves of sadness and anxiety. […]

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Cutting Ties with People-Pleasing

By Joanie Marx July 24, 2023

How often have you sacrificed your well-being by placing other people’s desires, wants and needs above your own? If you can relate, you are not alone. According a 2022 YouGov survey, 49% of Americans self-identify as people-pleasers…

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