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Easy Winter Crafts for Kids: Keep Your Grandkids Entertained No Matter the Weather

By Margaret Manning December 11, 2013

Kids love crafts! One of the joys of being grandparents is getting to work on special little arts and crafts projects with our grandkids.

This is a great time of year to find some new winter craft ideas for kids, because it helps to keep kids entertained while they’re cooped up in the house on cold days, without having to resort to TV, video games or more screen time. Read More

Downsizing Your Home? Read This First!

By Margaret Manning September 10, 2013

Many women over 60 are making transitions in our careers, family lives and homes. Part of this transition process might involve downsizing your home. In fact, there are several trends in the real estate market that are causing more women over 60 than ever to consider moving to a smaller home. Read More

Ten Inspirational Books for Women over 60

By Margaret Manning September 05, 2013

Sometimes reading a good book is the best way to get some good insights and perspectives on the emotional, personal, financial and spiritual journey that we women are embarking on past the age of 60. It’s fun and enriching to hear the words of authors who are sharing this same experience with us. Here is a selection of 10 inspiring books for women over 60.

Read More

Grandparenting Tips – How to Build Family Traditions

By Sixty and Me August 30, 2013

While every person is in many ways unique, what we all have in common is that we are part of a family. That family may be large or small, closely knit, or spread out and fragmented. Some of those we were especially close to are no longer with us, while there may be recent new additions to the family. Many families today are blended — a joining together of different races, religions, and cultures. Read More

6 Questions to Ask Yourself While Planning for Retirement

By Margaret Manning August 27, 2013

Many women over 60 are getting ready to retire, if we haven’t retired already. But our generation of women is reinventing retirement in a way that would be unrecognizable to our parents’ generation. For many of us, our “golden years” are not going to be spent sitting quietly on rocking chairs watching TV. Instead of being sedentary, silent and shut away from the world, women over 60 are approaching our retirement years with a new spirit of focus, purpose, energy and ambition. Read More

Host Travel – Make New Friends Without Leaving Your Home

By Margaret Manning August 20, 2013

Women over 60 often love to travel and explore new cultures and make new friends – but what if you could do all of these things without leaving the comfort of your house? With the online tools that we have available today, it’s easier than ever before to connect with fellow travelers by opening your home to host people. Read More

Afraid of Alzheimer’s Disease? Here’s Something You Can Do About It!

By Margaret Manning July 02, 2013

In the Digital Age where almost everyone has access to the Internet, we can be bombarded with information. A Google search for the statistics related to the risk of developing Alzheimer’s in your lifetime returns over 3 million results. Read More

6 Ways to Stay Connected, Even if You Are Living Alone After 60

By Margaret Manning June 25, 2013

According to the New York Times, 200 million adults worldwide are living alone. This represents an increase of 33 percent from 1996 to 2006. In addition, many more women over 60 are living alone than previous generations, whether it’s by personal choice or due to divorce or the death of a spouse. Read More

How to Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in 6 Easy Steps

By Margaret Manning June 04, 2013

Women over 60 are often known for having high self-esteem and confidence. This time of life is supposed to be a time of confidently engaging with the world and trying new things, learning, growing and making a difference at the prime of our lives.

But what if the changes of midlife and the approach of retirement and the shifts happening in your family are leaving you feeling more bewildered than confident? Read More

Dating After 50: How to Find a Partner While Staying Safe Online

By Margaret Manning May 24, 2013

Many women over 50 have been divorced, experienced the death of a partner, or never been married. So, it’s no surprise then that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40% of Americans over age 45 are single. If you find yourself navigating the dating world for the first time in decades, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous. Fortunately, Read More