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Have You Forgotten These Heart Healthy Foods?

By Patty Hopker February 26, 2021

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. The month of February is known as “Heart Health Month,” but we should practice the prevention of heart disease every month of our lives…

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6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Beautiful and Healthy at Any Age

By Maureen Lake September 26, 2020

There are plenty of skin products and health advice available today that it’s enough to confuse you. It’s no wonder if you’re overwhelmed.

Lotions, potions, exfoliates, botanical oils, anti-wrinkle creams, Vitamin A, E and C. It’s confusing if you don’t know what you need to care for your skin. As you grow in years, feeling beautiful naturally comes with taking good care of yourself. Read More

I’m a Workaholic, and It’s Time to Deal with It

By Delia Lloyd February 26, 2020

My chief goal for this year is to figure out why I work. Yeah, I know that sounds absurd. But when I created my New Year’s resolutions this year, I realized that while my writing…

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Want to Start Painting After 60? Try Acrylics First!

By Malcolm Dewey March 01, 2018

Are you looking forward to reconnecting with your creative side after 60? You know that this is healthy and will do wonders to smooth out the edges of the past few years. Decades even. One favorite option is painting, but before you begin you need to make a critical choice. What medium will work best? Read More

Travel and Painting: A Beautiful Way to See the World After Retirement

By Malcolm Dewey January 25, 2017

You may have set travel as one of your retirement goals already. No doubt we have heard many express, “When I retire I want to travel more.”
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Why Sleep is Important for Your Happiness as an Older Adult

By Margaret Manning March 25, 2016

Do you want to be happier? It’s so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed. Literally. Good sleep is essential to positivity. This is especially true for those of us in our 50s and 60s, who have a tendency to suffer from more sleep problems than we did when we were younger. Read More

7 Power Foods and Super Supplements for Healthy Aging (Video)

By Margaret Manning November 29, 2015

Healthy aging is a big priority for women over 60. It’s a good thing too. After all, we are on track to live longer than any generation before us. We want to make sure that those extra years are filled with vitality and happiness. Read More