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Packing Challenge: 3 Weeks – 2 Climates – 1 Bag

By  •  March 20, 2016

Last year, as I prepared for a spring trip to Europe, I thought about all of the different activities and climates I would need to plan for. There would be sunny beaches in Spain, cold and wet hikes in Ireland and of course the fantastic dinners and dances with my friends. Read More

Fashion After 60 is All About Finding and Expressing Yourself (Video)

By  •  March 17, 2016

What do navy blue, black and dark grey have in common? They are all colors that society thinks is “acceptable” when it comes to fashion for women over 60. What complete nonsense! Read More

Can a “Worry Diary” Help You to Get Better Sleep After 60? You Bet!

By  •  March 16, 2016

Have you ever noticed that all of your problems seem worse at night? I have! There have been times in my life when I have laid in bed for hours, tormented by my past and anxious about the future. I’m sure that this is a common experience for many of the women in our community. Read More

Healthy Aging and Fat Consumption: The Good, the Debatable and the Ugly

By  •  March 15, 2016

Are you confused about the amounts and kinds of fat you should include in your diet? You’re not alone!

For decades, we have been advised to limit fats. But our bodies need certain types of fat throughout our lives. Read More

Experimentation is Essential when it Comes to Fashion for Women Over 60 (Video)

By  •  March 11, 2016

In many ways, fashion for women over 60 is no different than at any other age. On the one hand, you want to express your personal style. On the other hand, you know that you need to select cuts and styles that go with your body type, while giving you confidence. Read More

Rebranding 60 – It’s Time to Start Living!

By  •  March 11, 2016

Bridget and I once lived on a little island in the English Channel. We did all the usual things. We got married and had children. Between us, we had various projects, like founding a prep school and running an estate agency. We even wrote a TV cartoon series and founded IVA (International Virtual Assistants). Read More

The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Yoga for Osteoporosis

By  •  March 3, 2016

Osteoporosis poses a seeming contradiction for senior citizens trying to maintain bone health. Read More

What is the Best Home Exercise Equipment for Older Adults?

By  •  February 28, 2016

I used to think that staying in shape was the same at any age. Until recently, I would have laughed at the concept of exercise equipment for older adults. After all, do older adults really have different needs when it comes to exercise equipment? Now, in my mid-60s, I am not laughing anymore! Read More

Home Remedies That Work (and Some That Don’t)

By  •  February 27, 2016

We’re practically drowning in home remedy advice these days. Everything we eat, drink or use on our bodies seems to be able to cure some ailment (or cause it – it can be difficult to tell).

The trouble, then, is knowing how to separate fact from fiction. Does green tea help prevent skin aging? Is Vaseline toxic? Should we really use coconut oil for everything? Read on and find out… Read More

Is Your Age Causing Your Sleep Problems? The Answer May Surprise You…

By  •  February 25, 2016

After we reach our 60th birthday, it’s easy to blame our age for all of our problems. Feeling a little forgetful? That’s just a part of aging! Can’t lose those extra pounds? Don’t worry! It’s harder to lose weight after 60! Having trouble falling asleep at night? Deal with it! That’s what happens when you get a little older. Read More