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Dressing for Your Body Type is a Part of Fashion Over 60

By  •  August 21, 2014

I’m not a big fan of the labels that society attaches to women’s bodies and neither was fashion expert, Melanie Payge, when we filmed our fashion over 60 videos. On the other hand, the fact is, when it comes to purchasing clothes, women really do face unique challenges based on their body types. Read More

Energizing Yoga for Seniors

By  •  August 15, 2014

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee next time you have a low energy day, try doing some energizing yoga for seniors. We’ve selected four yoga poses which help dispel fatigue. After performing one or more of these, you’ll feel revved up and ready for the next part of your day. Read More

Why Exercise is Even More Important for Older Entrepreneurs

By  •  August 12, 2014

What if I told you that there was a simple way to boost your energy, generate business ideas faster, keep your brain healthy, increase your confidence and reduce your stress? Would you be interested? No, I’m not talking about a new $1000 motivation course or nutritional supplement. I’m talking about exercise.

Of course, it’s no secret that exercise can have a positive impact on your productivity at any age, so, why talk about it here? Because, while younger entrepreneurs may experience “significant” benefits from exercise, older entrepreneurs describe the effects of regular exercise as “life-changing” and “profound.” Read More

Love to Listen? Here’s How to Get Free Audiobooks

By  •  July 25, 2014

I am a lifelong learner and avid reader. For the past 50 years I have tried to stay on top of new titles, waiting patiently for the latest books from my favorite authors. Having worked in bookstores for 10 years of my life, I have a deep respect for physical books.

There is something so substantial about the weight and texture of a “real” book. Turning the pages with deliberate reflection and intention has its own magical feeling. So, I was pretty skeptical when I first tried audio books. Boy, was I wrong! Read More

You Can Do Anything with Your Life After 60 – It Only Takes 1 Minute a Day

By  •  July 12, 2014

If there’s one thing that I know about life after 60 it’s that you can do anything you set your mind to. In my case, spring is here and it’s time for me to dust off my sneakers and get back in shape. Read More

What are the Benefits of Pilates for Women Over 60? You May be Surprised!

By  •  July 11, 2014

Pleasure is not normally a word that we associate with exercise. When I started my Pilates class a few weeks ago, I came away smiling after an hour of gentle and mindful stretching to soft music. I had a sense that, for me personally, I had found a workout regime that was right for my body. So it does not surprise me that Pilates has become one of the most popular exercises for older women.

Many of us are taking classes to build strength, reduce back pain, lose weight, or to improve coordination and balance. It has some similarities to yoga because it focuses on principles related to concentration, control and centering of the body. Read More

Applying Makeup for Women Over 60 Like A Celebrity Makeup Artist

By  •  June 19, 2014

Very few of us can afford to have a celebrity makeup artist following us around. But, we can all learn how to apply makeup for women over 60 like a professional makeup artist! In this video, Ariane Poole will teach you her best makeup secrets for women our age. Read More

Women Over 60 Give Advice to Their 18-Year-Old Selves

By  •  June 14, 2014

One of the advantages of reaching our 60s is that we’re (hopefully) so much wiser than we used to be! Isn’t it amazing how much our lives have changed and evolved? As we get older we often realize that some things that used to be important to us no longer are so terribly significant. Certain dreams and priorities and relationships fall by the wayside – and yet we also have the good fortune to discover new passions in life, adventures to pursue, new people to share with and experiences to enjoy. Read More

6 Summer Workouts for Older Women that You May Actually Enjoy

By  •  June 10, 2014

Many older women may be feeling a bit stiff and restless after sitting inside during a cold winter and rainy spring. I know I am! Read More

How to Make a Vision Board Work – It’s All in Your Head

By  •  May 24, 2014

Several years ago, while I was going through a major downsizing exercise, I came across a vision board that my son had created in 5th grade. Of course, he had no idea what a vision board was at the time, but, it was clear that this was the result of his creative effort. His visual collage was both beautiful and eerily prescient. Read More