When it comes to assessing my favorite massage experience in Bali, I have to admit it’s a bit like asking me to choose my favorite child.

For starters, all of the body treatments in Bali are exquisite. They are also wonderfully inexpensive, so I’ve been able to treat myself to one massage a week. So far, that makes 5 wonderfully sensuous experiences to report!

Through these experiences, I was reminded of the power and importance of human touch. I also realized how important it is to take advantage of local experiences when you travel.

I rarely, if ever, get massages at home. They are simply a luxury that I choose not to invest in. However, in Bali, I couldn’t resist!

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Here are a few of my favourite massages from my time in Bali. Do you have a favourite type of massage or spa treatment? Do you take advantage of special local services when you travel? Please let us know in the comments.

Traditional Balinese Massage

First, I enjoyed a traditional Balinese massage, which included a fabulous pedicure and manicure. I chose bright pink polish, of course! The entire procedure cost less than $20!

Ayurvedic Massage

Then, I experienced an Ayurvedic massage, which used the most wonderfully scented jasmine and sandalwood oils. The added mantras and Indian music seduced me into oblivion.

Hot Stone Massage

Next, I had an outdoor hot stone massage. It delivered 90-minutes of breathtaking Balinese ritual and ended with a thunderstorm that shook the little room where I was being pampered.

Facial Massage

Then, I had a beautiful facial massage in a serene setting. I took a set of winding steps down to a river and across a magical bridge to the hidden sanctuary.

Relaxing Massage

Today, the sensory indulgence continued at Maya Resort and Spa, where I enjoyed their signature massage. It merged elements of many different styles to create an unparalleled pampering experience. As they say, their spa treatments “balance the human senses through holistic harmony.”

To give some context to my surroundings, Maya is located on 10 hectares of lush grounds, bordered by rice paddy fields, just a short distance from bustling Ubud. It offers understated elegance and serene beauty.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a sparkling green tea and an icy facecloth to calm the heat of the Bali afternoon. Then, I was taken on a walk to the spa pavilion, which was down a winding path, surrounded by lush orange and gold tropical flowers.

The massage room was cool with a huge window opening wide to the river and surrounding jungle below. Birds provided the background music and a huge fan captured the cool breeze that caressed by body.

The 60-minute massage was followed by a hot bath in a tub that overlooked the rushing river. As I sat, memorized by the nature around me, a beautiful blue butterfly settled on the frangipani flowers in the room.

Maya Ubud - 2

This stunning sensory experience was amplified by lunch in their riverside café, which was just a few steps from the spa pavilion.

The continuity was exquisite. It demonstrated that there are dimensions of luxury when it comes to pampering. True luxury embraces the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Travel offers the perfect opportunity for indulging your senses and pampering yourself. It is the best time to invest in little luxuries that feel out of reach at home.

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What is your favourite massage style? Can you remember a time when you were truly pampered? Do you take advantage of special local services when you travel? Please join the conversation.

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